Play Star Wars Tie Fighter in Chrome

Nothing quite beats free stuff, unless its free stuff that his an undeniably nostalgic taste to it, and which thus has the power to transport recipients back to a simpler, more magical time before Jar Jar and before everyone suspected that Mr Lucas might be in it for more than just the pleasure of creating art. And now, we have some exciting news on that front, thanks to some very clever people who have announced that you can now play Star Wars Tie Fighter – the iconic DOS game from 1994 – using only the power of Chrome.

If you’re a Chrome user, you might already know of Native Client (NaCl), but if not it’s a new open-source development that allows developers “to build web applications that seamlessly execute native compiled code inside the browser”.

And as I say, it looks like the technology is already being put to good use, thanks to the clever web-wizrds at NaClBox who have created a DOSBox port that works with Native Client to allow browser based DOS videogame play. So basically, that means no downloads and no installations needed. Free Stuff!
For more information on how to play – visit the NaClBox and follow their instructions (as it’s all frightfully boring to regurgitate here). And then lose hours to reliving past DOS-based glories, like I just did.