SWTOR January Producer’s Livestream Coverage

Dulfy did a write up of the January SWTOR Producer’s Livestream. You can read it all below, but the original write up can be found over at Reddit



This livestream will be mostly a recap of previously discussed things without much new information. The livestream at end of January will discuss some of the things coming in March.

  • Community Topics
  • Game Update 5.1
  • Endgame/Gearing Changes
  • Looking Forward

Community Topics

Game Update 5.1

  • Coming Jan 24
  • 5 New Uprisings
    • Trench Runner – Denova – Defeat some rogue Republic troops.
    • Destroyer of Worlds – Makeb – Defeat this old monster a rogue Jedi has awakened. Very trippy, need to escort a giant bomb down there to blow it up.
    • Landing Party – Rakata Prime – Leftover forces from Zakuul trying to rebuild a Star Fortress. Has a Normandy beach landing sequence.
    • Divided We fall – Coruscant – Rogue Coruscant security forces trying to blow up the Senate and blame you for it.
    • Trial and Error – Space Station – Mad science and experimenting with the Rakghoul plague. This one is really cool, there is something you can do here that we have been wanting to do for a long time.
  • Master Mode for all 25 KOTFE and KOTET Chapters
  • Galactic Command end-game gearing changes.

Galactic Command Changes

  • New currency: Command Tokens – earned from command crates, legacy wide and retroactively granted
  • New currency: Unassembled Components – rewarded from participation in warzones.
  • New currency: Unassembled gear pieces – earned from Ops bosses or purchased with Unassembled components. Last boss of an operation have a guaranteed chance to drop a specific Unassembled Gear piece while other bosses have an increased chance to drop these gear pieces as you get further into the operation.
  • Unassembled Components can be turned into Unassembled Gear Pieces. Unassembled Gear Pieces combined with Command Tokens will give you a tier set piece on the vendor. 2-3 command crates of Command Tokens will be enough to get a piece but you still need to get the Unassembled Gear Pieces.
  • Vendors to purchase gear will be added to the fleet on Jan 24 with Game Update 5.1.
  • Command Tokens can be used to buy CXP boosters for a lower CXP Tier for your alts. Looking at other ways as well such as legacy perks.
  • Operations are not giving enough CXP currently so we are looking to bump those up.