TOR TV: Patch 2.4 Video Coverage – GTN Improvements

swtor Galactic Trade Network

Gaddock Teeg takes a look at the quality of life improvements made to the Galactic Trade Network, now available on the Patch 2.4 PTS. Game really does keep getting better. Players can now use Shift + Left Click with the cursor in the search box of the GTN to add the name of the item.

BioWare also added a sortable “Unit Price” column to the GTN Window, which will display the listed item’s price-per-unit.

The GTN now auto completes with the price and duration of a player’s last posted auction. In addition, the last price will be remembered on a per-unit basis. i.e. If a player puts 1 med pack up for 10 credits, and their next auction is a stack of 20 med packs (the same type as before) it will auto complete 200 credits (10 credits for 1 x 20 = 200). The remembered price and duration are reset upon area transition or log out.

As someone that has about 400 different auctions going every weekend, this can make my life so much simpler. Unfortunately, though, it’ll probably make it far harder since now any putz can just sort by Unit Price instead of having to look through the auctions like you do now.