New SWTOR Beta Build Returns Wednesday

Have you been waiting for game testing to return? If you’ve been bored waiting for the news that your beta build would be back up for re-download, then today is your day. The new SWTOR beta build is up; get ready to download.

This message was posted by Allison Berryman today:

Hello Testers!
Welcome to the new testing forums! We’re excited to announce that the new build is being deployed!
Today, you’ll receive an e-mail letting you know that the new build is available for play, and you’ll be able to log into the launcher and begin downloading the new build. Please make sure to remove your old installation before downloading the new one (see instructions below).
European players: The servers in our European datacenter (Carth Onasi and Mission Vao) will not be available today. If you are European, we ask that you please roll characters on those servers when they become available (we’ll post and let you know). Your latency will be much better on these servers, and we need your assistance in testing them.
Thank you for testing!

Very great news for those of you who were privileged enough to be in the game testing. We know you cannot tell us who you are but we hope you get back in ASAP with the new build and that it has many great improvements on the last beta build you played.

For those who are not in beta, it’s still positive news for the fact that it means we’re once again one step closer to the eventual release of the game. If you’re anxious to get your hands on SWTOR, then the release of the new build means they’re steadily making more improvements and upgrades.

Lisa Clark

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