PTS Closing for 2.3 Testing Prep

Nightmare TFB Thrasher


The public test servers are coming down todayto begin the preperation for Game update 2.3. I must admit that this come as a surprise as  it was a very short duration on the PTS. Personally me and my guild did not have   time to test it with Nightmare TFB on live and such. We only really tested the bosses up the Thrasher but couldn’t process further due to the high damage output.


Greetings Testers,

The Public Test Server will be coming down tomorrow, June 27th, to begin preparation for Game Update 2.3 testing! Thanks very much for your participation and assistance in testing Nightmare Mode Scum and Villainy. We’re excited to bring the new content to you in Game Update 2.2.2.

Please watch this forum for more information and prepare yourself for some great new stuff to test in the very near future (possibly this week)!