New beta build coming in.

A new beta build is coming in this Thursday. This time testers have to download 20GB to keep on playing. The good thing is characters from the last phase of testing will not be wiped and will carry over to the new build.

Hello testers! We are preparing to deploy a new build of the game!
This Thursday, 11/17, at 7:00AM CST (13:00 London, 14:00 Paris/Berlin), we will bring the servers down for maintenance. Then, at 10:00AM CST (16:00 London, 17:00 Paris/Berlin), the servers will become available again with a 20GB patch, which will contain the new build.
You do not need to uninstall your previous game installation, but we do recommend uninstalling in order to save space on your hard drive and to assist with any necessary troubleshooting.
Good news: characters from the last phase of testing will not be wiped and will carry over to the new build!
Thank you all for your participation in the test!

They also stated that they would open a high level server with premade characters that are 40+ to test the high level content. This is from the official forums:

This Thursday (11/17), in addition to the six permanent servers remaining open, we will be introducing a high-level testing server in order to continue gathering feedback on high-level content. Each player that logs into this server will be granted level 40+ characters of each faction with a randomly assigned species, gender, and Advanced Class. To change your randomly-assigned characters’ names, exit and re-launch the game. When you log back in to the server and select a character, you will be prompted to rename all granted characters.
You may experience some technical issues that we are unable to resolve. We ask that you report any serious bugs you encounter that are content related – meaning anything to do with missions, environments, Flashpoints, etc. However, please do not report bugs directly associated with the character, abilities, or equipment.

We encourage all of you to spend time with these characters and help us test our high-level content more thoroughly! Thank you very much for your participation, and we look forward to your valuable feedback!

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