SWTOR Beta: First Impressions from MMO Crunch

SWTOR beta first impressions are coming in and so far, most players have positive things to say about the game. With so many people who have now gotten to try it out after this past weekend, we’re going to keep seeing those SWTOR reviews, previews and impressions. Here’s what MMO Crunch had to say about first impressions of the game. Players were impressed with how smoothly it ran with no lags or crashes and with the wonderful graphics.

SWTOR offers several options for customizing the characters, which is a big plus. Some of the options for characters include different hairstyles, faces, makeup and skin color. Some races even have ridges in the faces, jewelry, horns, scars and tattoos leaving a lot of room for the imagination.

Players did notice that some races have more options than others do but this wasn’t a really big deal. One of the main complaints was that the UI has very little customization and with the technology available today, players expected a little more in this area.

The cut-scenes seem to bring out mixed feelings in many players. The quality of the cut-scenes is great but there does appear to be a lot of them, which takes up a lot of playing time. This makes it hard to decide if there are too many of them or if it makes the game even more interesting.

Another part of the game that many players enjoyed were the companions. They are a great addition to the game with personalities of their own and you can even customize the way they look. You can help improve their fighting skills by giving them gear and they’re very obedient.

Most players in a weekend beta or testing experience didn’t have a lot of time to learn much about the crafting aspect of the game or grouping together with other players so this is something that everyone will be anticipating when the game launches. If you enjoy MMOs with a good storyline, you’ll love SWTOR. Overall, SWTOR beta first impressions from MMO Crunch left players with a longing for the launch to hurry up and get here so they can take up where they left off.

Did you get in a weekend beta? What are your first impressions?

Lisa Clark

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