How Jedi Killed Star Wars Galaxies

What really killed Star Wars Galaxies? SWG was one of the greatest Star Wars games of all time and it is still very well-loved. So, what made it die off?

That’s a question that can open a can of worms because people have a lot of different opinions on it. But here’s a video that presents some interesting points.

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This video from saintmillion talks about how the real downfall of SWG was Jedis – or rather, how they handled the Jedi in the game. But a lot of the context for the video comes from Raph Koster, the original creator of the game.

See below for the link to his blog where he did a postmortem on the game. There is now a book collecting these articles and a lot more, called POSTMORTEMS, so if you want to read more about the history and the design of SWG, as well as of Ultima Online and other games, you can find lots of info there. It’s available at all the usual places.

Check it out:

Details of development history came from Raph Koster’s website, Check out Raph’s blog on the Jedi Saga for a great read:…

Raph also had this to say about the video:

“There are a number of factual errors and confusions in the video, most notably mixing up the CU and the NGE a couple of places. But the core of the argument made is correct. Holocrons caused the game to stop growing, and for the first time it started to shrink. This doesn’t mean that later on other changes (most notably the NGE) didn’t have a big impact, and it also doesn’t mean that WoW didn’t have an impact, because it certainly did.”

And I’ve just gotta say that this video and the interaction with Raph and the fans and commenters highlight the beauty of the digital age we now live in. When you can reminisce over a game with the creative director, years after it was shut down, that’s good stuff.

We are connected like never before as Star Wars fans and gamers and I am so grateful for platforms like this to help us stay connected, and to share our thoughts, memories and more.

Lisa Clark

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