Inquisitor/Consular SWTOR 3.0 Changes – Livestream Notes

Inquisitor Consular

What changes will we see to Inquisitor/Consular with Game Update 3.0? Well, now we have some information to help us answer this question. Most of the livestream went over utilities and disciplines and Dulfy has a great breakdown of the whole thing for us.

You can see SWTOR Disciplines Calculator built by swtor_miner. This calculator currently only displays Classes and Disciplines that have been shown on Official Livestreams. See it here.


  • Overload now heals a max of 8 targets. It is a smart heal (picks the lowest HP % targets to heal).
  • There is a trait now to allow Cloud Mind to increase your damage reduction by 25% for 6 seconds.
  • Bubble stun is now an utility and available to all sorcs.
  • Lighting Barrier – increases your Force Barrier amount by 10% only (down from 20%).


  • Roaming Mend is the new Corruption ability and grant 3% internal and elemental damage reduction
    • Animation:
  • Dark Infusion is now in the discipline path for corruptions so DPS sorcs no longer get them.
  • Resurgence will give the target an armor buff
  • Force Surge now reduces activation time of Revification by 0.25s (down from 0.33s) for the first two charges or make it activate instantly with three charges
  • Will consumption trigger Roaming Mend? It does not since technically you are spending health and not taking damage.


  • Lighting Flash, new ability at level 41
  • Lightning Bolt, new ability at level 57. Replacement for Lightning Strike and slows the target by 30%
  • Burst damage spec, it is suppose to do lower overall damage than Madness but not down to our target values yet.
  • Thundering Blast casts a bit faster now with base cast of 1.5s.
  • Applies Vulnerable debuff with Crushing Darkness – make target take 5% more force damage for 45s.
  • If you are casting Lighting Bolt and get interrupted and locked out. Will you also get locked out of Lightning Strike? No you will not get locked out of Lighting Strike.



  • What armor you wearing?
  • Is overload 360 or still a cone?
    • Still a cone
  • Death Field charges still go off on other player’s DoTs?
    • Only on other sorc’s DoTs. We want to make it go off on your DoTs only but don’t have the techchology to do it for 3.0.
  • Why is Wrath increased to 4 ticks from 3 ticks?
    • We don’t like people to clip. Force Lightning is only a 2s channel now for Madness so you get your 4 stacks a lot faster.
  • Is vulnerable debuff cleanseable?
    • Yes if you can cleanse force debuffs. Also purgeable (i.e. force shroud, evasion).
  • Revifification/Salvation heals too little
    • We will probably make a change so where the first 8 people that goes into it get a HoT and it disappears. It has to heal for less because it is too effective.
    • The healers are healing too effective and it trivialize the content in both PvP and PvE.
    • Some healing need to come down a bit maybe, not sure if Revification/Salvation will get reduced even further.
  • Roaming mend – whole raid gets hit by an AoE, what happens?
    • 5s delay everytime it lands on a target. A single AoE hitting the raid will only cause it to travel one time.
    • There is also a travel time in addition to the 0.5s delay. It takes at least 3s for all the heal ticks from Roaming Mend to land.



  • Electric Bindings, the trait that allow Overload to immobilize targets is now available to assassins (previously sorcs only)
  • All assassins can now get the Assassin’s shelter as an utility which increase healing done by 5% for those standing within 5 meters of the phase walk.


  • Thrash and Lacerate now afflicts Trauma on its targets. Lacerate now costs the same as Thrash so you can use it as part of your rotation without eating all your force.
  • Wither causes Weakened debuff on your target, causing them to deal 5% less melee and ranged damage. This is the second raid debuff assassins get after trauma.
  • Recklessness now grant 30% shield absorption for 20 seconds while Dark Charge is active.
  • Depredating Volts is the new ability at 57 that replaces Force Lightning.


  • Deception generally remains the same from pre 3.0 with some small rotation changes.
  • Discharge applies the Vulnerable debuff for 45s which cause targets to take 5% more force damage. This is the first raid debuff that deception assassins get.
  • Maul will sunder targets and sundered targets have their armor reduced by 20%. This is the second raid debuff.
  • Ball Lighting is a new ability granted at level 57 that replaces Shock.
  • Deception assassin have a target DPS of 4125 in 198 gear.


  • If you have Creeping Terror on a target and you spread it via Death Field, will the immobilize component of Creeping Terror also spread or just the damage? Just the damage
  • Force Leech and Demolish are the new abilities at level 41 and 57. They have identical animations to the Madness sorc abilities.
  • Hatred has two raid debuffs. Death Field places Overwhelm, and there is also the Vulnerable debuff.






Kinetic Combat



  • Serenity Strike new ability at level 41.
  • Vanquish at level 57 replaces Mind Crush
  • These have the same animations as the Balance Sage

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