The New Marvel Characters in Gaming

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If you like online gaming and video games, you might also like other Marvel games. Who doesn’t love a good super hero game? Marvel has some of the best characters around and there’s nothing better than playing games with or as your favorite Marvel characters. There are games like Marvel Heroes, which let you get into the role playing of your favorite characters in typical MMO fashion and there are also games like the classic LEGO Marvel. You have fun games like Marvel Puzzle Quest and even Marvel Pinball.

Marvel has been around since the 1930’s and has increased with popularity dramatically in recent years. Between the production of amazing blockbuster hit movies such as Deadpool and the release of games both solo and multiplayer, the comics have really taken on their own life form. You can join in on the excitement regardless of the type of gaming that you enjoy.

There are even games with characters inspired by Marvel comics. With superheroes such as Captain America, Deadpool, Spiderman, Iron Man, the X Men, Hulk, and Thor you can truly be immersed in the gaming world.

It seems that these games are only becoming more popular today so this is the perfect time to experience them for yourselves. Whether you are playing free games online or buying games for your computer or gaming consoles, you will not run short on options. There are even Disney Infinity Marvel games.

So there you go – if you love online gaming and love Marvel, check out new Marvel characters in gaming today. Drop us a line and tell us some of your favorite Marvel characters or games to play with them in them.