Official update about Summer plans.

summer of swtor

Senior Producer of Star Wars: The old republic,  Bruce Maclean, took on the forums today, posting a lengthy post regarding the summer of SWTOR. The post contains more details and a confirmations on what is going to happen.  Here are the most important news:

Check out the full post below:

Hello everyone!

Here is a fresh update on where we are at in terms of hitting our schedules for the Summer of SWTOR, and a recap of all the exciting things we have in the works for the months ahead. All of the below dates are the dates the teams are shooting for. As you saw with Game Update 2.2 which had to be moved back by one day, it’s entirely possible these will move!

Double XP Weekends! We’d like to help you stay cool in the heat of the summer with three sessions of double XP, beginning with this weekend:
Double XP Weekend 1:

  • Start: June 21st @6pm GMT
  • End: June 24th @7am GMT

Double XP Weekend 2:

  • Start: June 28th @6pm GMT
  • End: July 1st @7am GMT

Double XP Weekend 3:

  • Start: July 4th @11am GMT
  • End: July 8th @7am GMT

On July 9th we will launch Nightmare Mode Scum and Villainy as a part of Game Update 2.2.2! This Nightmare Mode Operation is currently up on Public Test Server!

On July 23rd look for a return of the Relics of the Gree Event for a nice two week long run:

  • Per community request the event will scale up to level 55 on this next run, including better loot rewards, commendations, and achievements
  • Possible drops include a new Sphere Transport Enclosure vehicle

August 6th is still our target date for Game Update 2.3. *Watch for lots more details on the features below in upcoming blogs, mailers, and community meet and greets!* Some of the bigger parts of this update are:

  • New Flashpoints
  • New Daily Area
  • Game-wide color vibrancy improvement
  • New Recurring Event: Bounty Contract Week

Even though it’s part of Game Update 2.3 we are planning to start the Bounty Contract Week on August 13th. Bounty Contract Week is a monthly event, so if you miss it the first time, don’t worry – it will return next month! The event above was actually teased in our Community Meet & Greet last week and we’ll be sharing more details soon. Here is a snippet for now:

Bounty Contract Week provides new missions with full voice-over that will take you on a hunt for high-value bounty targets across the galaxy. Each bounty contract scales to your level, from 15 to 55, providing experience, credits, Commendations, and Reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association.

Game Update 2.4 is also in the pipe and being worked on for an October release. Even though our mantra is smaller more frequent patches this particular update is shaping up to be very big, with tons of new content and big PvP updates especially targeting Ranked play. We’ll start sharing details next month. If you absolutely *have* to glimpse the potential future, enter a Force trance and focus on these key phrases. Oricon. Warzone Arenas. Dread Masters.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and we are also working on some longer term stuff. As we get closer we’ll have a lot more juicy details on what’s above. Keep your eyes peeled to the forums and for more information!