SWTOR UK Community Event – April 5th

Last night BioWare’s community manage Stephen Reid Tweeted about a special announcement coming Tuesday for UK fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the entire community has since been discussing what it might be. Now we know.

BioWare will have a special “one-night-only” party in London, on April 5, 2011 were fans will be able to play the game. The event will be held at gamerbase, inside HMV at the Trocadero – here is a map of the location.

This is a great opportunity for UK gamers to get their hands-on the SWTOR, but hurry, BioWare states that the capacity is extremely limited, and based on reservations/invitations. REad the full forum post below and find out how you can be included:

Hello to all my fellow countrymen in the UK…
We have a late-breaking, limited quantity, super exclusive community event for you to potentially attend. Read on for more information, and please pay attention to the details!
On Tuesday, April 5th at gamerbase, inside HMV at the Trocadero (near Piccadilly Circus, London – here’s a Google Map) we’ll be doing a ONE NIGHT ONLY community event where a limited number of Forum members will be able to play Star Wars: The Old Republic!
Entrance is free, but INVITES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED on a first-come, first-serve basis.
We will be holding two separate play sessions, at 7pm and 9pm, with gamerbase being cleared between each session to allow us to reset. Here’s all you need to know:
WHAT: Play Star Wars: The Old Republic – Origin Worlds! Any class, either faction.
WHERE: gamerbase, inside HMV – Trocadero Centre, Coventry Street, London W1D 7DH
WHEN: Tuesday April 5th – 7pm and 9pm (two sessions)
WHO: Possibly you! Admittance is free, but you must be a member of these Forums and aged 18 or over to attend.

Admittance to this event will strictly be by INVITE ONLY. If you do not have an invitation YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. Invites are non-transferable and will be issued in your name. To get an invitation, here’s what you need to do:
1) Send an email to bwacommunitysupport AT bioware.com with the subject line “SWTOR at Gamerbase Registration”.
Click here to create an email in your default email program with that subject line.
2) In the email, include the following details:
Your name as it appears on photo ID (eg driving license or passport; this will be checked at the event)– Your Forums username– Your age (YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO ATTEND)Which session you wish to attend (7pm or 9pm)
If any of the details required are not included, you will not be eligible for selection. Please note we have a strictly limited number of seats available at gamerbase. This post will be updated once all applications have been received and we cannot take any more. We cannot guarantee your choice of session will be available. EA and gamerbase reserve the right to refuse admittance.
And now, a few FAQs I’m anticipating. If you have more questions, ask them below:
Will any developers be attending this event?
Yes, but we cannot confirm who at this time. I’ll be there for the community team.
What can I play during the event?
You’ll be able to pick from Republic and Empire factions, and play on the Origin Worlds with any character class you like. Please note, due to limited numbers we may not be able to guarantee you will play your preferred faction.
How long will I get to play?
Approximately an hour, depending on how long we take to seat people. We need reset time between sessions, so the first session will close at approximately 8:30pm.
Can I create my own character to play?
Sorry, but character creation will not be available during this event.
Can I film the event?
You may film the event itself, but you may not film the game screens.
I operate a fan site for The Old Republic. Am I allowed to attend?
Absolutely, as long as you secure one of the invites.
Can I talk about this event on the internet??
Absolutely! Tweet, post, blog, podcast – whatever you like.
Can I bring anyone else with me if they don’t get to play?
No – because of capacity restrictions, entrance is strictly limited to those with an invite. Invites admit one person only.
I can’t make it. Can I give my invite to a friend?
Unless your friend has your name, and looks identical to you in photo ID – no.
But I can’t make it now, what do I do?
Check your invite email for details.
Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
Yes it is.
Why is this in London? I live far away and can’t make it!
We’re holding a press event at gamerbase, and this event is a happy bonus feature to that event. It’s in London, so the event is in London.
Will you be exhibiting at [insert show name here]?
We’re going to be exhibiting SWTOR at a variety of events across the world both pre and post-launch. Stay tuned to SWTOR.com for details as they’re announced.
When will I know if I got an invite?
All invites should be sent out to those who received them by Thursday, March 31st.