SWTOR Fallen Empire Companion Influences Guide

SWTOR Fallen Empire Companion Influences Guide on getting influences for returning and new companions. Updated for Patch 5.0.1

Updated with 5.0.1: Wampa, K1-Z3N

Updated with 5.0: Arcann, Shae Vizla, Mawvorr, TY-4N, Exoboar, Master Ranos

Updated with 4.7.1: Z0-0M, Rusk, Skadge

Updated with 4.7: Bogstalker, ISO-5R, Guss

Updated with 4.5: Broonmark, Bowdaar, Torian, Vette, Gault, Ginx, Annihilator T4-1D

Update with 4.3: Ak’ghal Usar, K’lor’slug Soldier, Q0-77 have being added.

Update with 4.1: Kaliyo, Blizz and Personal Warbot have been added. Note that Kaliyo as an agent companion as different gift preferences compared to Kaliyo as an alliance companion

Update with 4.0.3: Artwork gifts are now called Delicacies and Consumable gifts are now called Maintenance.

Update with Patch 4.0.2: This patch changed the way some companiions react to gifts. They now all have at least one gift type they love (max affection).

How Influence Works

With Fallen Empire, affection has being changed to influence. Instead of a max of 10,000 affection with your companions, you now have a max influence rank of 50 which requires a total of 250k influence. Your previous affection capped companions are now influence rank 10 and you have to bring them up to the new maximum influence rank again.

Your companions will lose their previous crafting bonuses and gear but they now gain new bonuses based on their influence rank.

Each influence rank give the following bonuses.

Which means a influence rank 50 companion will have 2500 presence, 75% time efficiency for crew skill tasks and 25% critical rate for crew skill tasks.

Influence Rank Requirements

RankInfluenceTotal InfluenceRankInfluenceTotal Influence

Companion Gifts

Companion gifts still work on raising the influence of your companions. Previously companion gifts only goes up to rank 5 and artifact rank but now rank 6 gifts and Legendary rank gifts are available. In addition, two new kinds of companions gifts are available: Delicacies and Maintenance. Delicacies are mostly used by the new companions you acquire in expansion while Maintenance gifts are mostly favored by droids.

Remember that there is a Character Perk called Legacy of Altruism that will give you 30% more affection from companion gifts and is very cheap to unlock (90K credits in total to unlock all 3 tiers).

Rank 1-2 Premium Gifts available from the fleet vendor on Galactic Trade Market section of the fleet.They cost 200-600 credits each and are good to feed to your companions for the first couple influence ranks.


Rank 5 Prototype and Artifact Gifts are available also from the fleet vendor in Galactic Trade Market section of the fleet. They cost 5000 credits for prototype and 10000 for Artifact.


Rank 6 Prototype and Artifact level Delicacies and Maintenance Gifts are available from the Jawa Scrap vendor in Cartel Bazaar section of fleet in exchange for the matching type of Jawa Scraps


Rank 6 Legendary Gifts are available from a vendor Odessen Cantina  for 250k credits and available from the new pack as well.


How much influence would I gain by giving my companion this gift?

Gift rarity: Green = Premium, Blue = Prototype, Pink = Artifact, Purple = Legendary.

The influence ranks (IRanks) listed here are thresholds so a companion of the rank 14 for example would receive the same gift values as a rank 10 companion and a companion of the rank 45 would get same gift values as a rank 40 companion.

How to use the charts

  1. Find out what your companion LIKE, FAVOURITE AND LOVE.
  2. Find out your companion influence rank in the Companion & Contacts Window. The value listed there are thresholds so for example Influence Rank 16 would use IRank 15 as it just crossed that threshold.
  3. Find out what is the rank and rarity of the companion gift you plan to give them.
  4. Look up the value in the chart by finding the correct chart and then look at the corresponding value row (companion gift rank/rarity) and column (companion influence rank).
  5. For example, I want to feed Lana Delicacies Gifts. She FAVOURITE them so it is the 9x multiplier chart. She is Influence Rank 9 and I am feeding her a Rank 2 Pink (Artifact Gift) so I would look up the column IRank 6 and row Rank 2 Pink to get a value of 288. The values are assuming you do not have the character perk that increase the values by 30%.

To see how much gift you need to reach a certain Influence rank see this spreadsheet created by jrazorx

  • Fill in the three yellow cells
  • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1T_i6MzNffwHrxtwLTrRESDQ9ZV58A5X8r_WavF5_LCA/edit?usp=sharing

Assuming companions LOVE this gift (16x multiplier)


Assuming companions FAVOURITE this gift (9x multiplier)


Assuming Companions LIKE this gift (4x multiplier)


Classic Companions

You can regain access to these companions after you finish Chapter 8 of Knights of the Fallen Empire by interacting with a terminal inside your alliance base in Odessen (same location as the mission datapads in that little room left of the base). 


Empire (Artwork = Delicacies, Consumable = Maintenance)

Note: Kaliyo and Torian has difference gift preference as an agent/bounty hunter companion vs KoTFE alliance companion. Use the Main Characters section below for gift preferences if you have them as an alliance companion. This chart shows the gift preferences as the classic companions.


Republic (Artwork = Delicacies, Consumable = Maintenance)


Main Characters


Like: Courting, Technology, TrophyFavourite:WeaponLove:Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia

Aric Jorgan

Like: Technology,Republic Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, TrophyFavourite:Military Gear, DelicaciesLove: Weapon

Gault Rennow

Like: Weapon, Technology, Cultural ArtifactFavourite: Underworld GoodLove: Luxury


Like: Weapon, TrophyFavourite:Technology, MaintenanceLove: Military Gear

Koth Vortena

Like: Military Gear, Cultural ArtifactFavourite: Technology: Underworld GoodsLove: Weapon, Delicacies.

Kaliyo Djannis

Like: Military Gear, TechnologyFavourite: Luxury, Underworld GoodsLove: Weapon

Lana Beniko

Like: Technology, TrophyFavourite: Imperial Memorabilia, DelicaciesLove: Cultural Artifact


Like: Military Gear, Cultural Artifact, TrophyFavourite: WeaponLove: Technology, Maintenance

Senya Tirall

Like: Military Gear, Delicacies.Favourite: Cultural ArtifactLove:Luxury


Like: Military Gear, WeaponFavourite:Republic Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, MaintenanceLove: Technology

Theron Shan

Like: Weapon, Luxury, Cultural Artifact, TrophyFavourite:Underworld GoodLove: TechnologyRomance: Love Courting

Torian Cadera

Like: Technology, Cultural Artifact, Underworld GoodFavourite:Weapon, Military GearLove: TrophyRomance: Favourite Courting


Like: Weapon, Courting, Luxury, Technology, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia,Favourite:Cultural ArtifactLove: Underworld GoodRomance: Love Courting, Favourite Luxury


Like: Weapon, Courting, Luxury, Cultural Artifact, TrophyFavourite: Military Gear, Technology, MaintenanceLove: Republic Memorabilia

Darth Marr

Like: Weapon, Military GearFavourite:TrophyLove: Technology, Imperial Memorabilia

Empress Acina

Like: Technology, TrophyFavourite: Imperial Memorabilia, DelicaciesLove: Cultural Artifact

Recruited via Alliance Specialists

For info on acquisition of companions in this category for your character please see this guide.

Ak’ghal Usar

Like: Technology, TrophyFavourite: WeaponLove: Cultural Artifact


Like:Favourite: Weapon, Military Gear, Luxury, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, TrophyLove: Technology, Underworld Goods


Like: Military Gear, Courting, Technology, Underworld GoodFavourite: Weapon, Cultural Artifact, DelicaciesLove: Luxury, Trophy


Like: Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural ArtifactFavourite: Technology, Republic MemorabiliaLove: Weapon, Trophy

Eckard Lokin

Like: Republic Memorabilia, Underworld GoodsFavourite: Military Gear, LuxuryLove: Imperial Memorabilia, Technology

Guss Tuno

Like: Technology, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, TrophyFavourite: Courting, LuxuryLove: Republic Memorabilia, Underworld Good

Qyzen Fess

Like: Underworld Good, TechnologyFavourite: Military GearLove: Weapon


Like: Luxury, Technology, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, TrophyFavourite: Weapon, Republic MemorabiliaLove: Military Gear

Shae Vizla

Like: Courting, Technology, TrophyFavourite: Weapon,Love: Imperial Memorabilia, Military Gear


Like: Luxury, TrophyFavourite: Military Gear,Love: Weapon, Underworld Good

Talos Drellik

Like: Courting, TechnologyFavourite: Republic Memorabilia, LuxuryLove: Cultural Artifact, Imperial Memorabilia


Like: Underworld GoodsFavourite: TrophyLove: Military Gear, Weapon


Like: Weapon, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia,Favourite: Military Gear, Cultural ArtifactLove: Trophy, Technology

M1-4X (Republic Only)

Like: Weapon, Courting, Luxury,Cultural Artifact, TrophyFavourite: Military Gear, Technology, MaintenanceLove: Republic Memorabilia

Major Pierce (Empire Only)

Like: Technology, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia, Underworld GoodFavourite: Trophy, DelicaciesLove: Weapon, Military Gear

Nico Okarr (qualified subscribers only)

Like: Courting, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, TrophyFavourite: Luxury, TechnologyLove: Underworld Good

Recruited via Star Fortress

Choza Rabbat (Alderaan)

Like: DelicaciesFavourite: Technology, Cultural ArtifactLove: Republic Memorabilia

“Deadeye” Leyta (Tatooine)

Like: WeaponFavourite: Cultural Artifact, DelicaciesLove: Military Gear

Hemdil Tre (Hoth)

Like: Military Gear, DelicaciesFavourite: Luxury, TechnologyLove: Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia

K’krohl (Belsavis)

Like: Military GearFavourite:  Weapon, DelicaciesLove: Underworld Goods, Luxury

Rokuss (Voss)

Like: Military Gear, WeaponFavourite: TechnologyLove: Trophy

Veeroa Denz (Nar Shaddaa)

Like: TrophyFavourite: Luxury, WeaponLove: Imperial Memorabilia, Underworld Good

Recruited via Cartel Market

Akk Dog (Underworld Alliance Pack)

Like: Military GearFavourite:Love: Delicacies

Probe Droid (Force Alliance Pack)

Like: TechnologyFavourite:Love: Maintenance

Nexu (Strategy Alliance Pack)

Like: Military GearFavourite:Love: Delicacies.

Personal Warbot (Anarchist Alliance Pack)

Like: TechnologyFavourite:Love: Maintenance

K’lor’ slug Soldier (Disavowed Alliance Pack)

Like: Military GearFavourite:Love: Delicacies

Q0-77 (Visionary Alliance Pack)

Like: TechnologyFavourite:Love: Maintenance

Ginx (Plunder Alliance Pack)

Like: Military GearFavourite:Love: Delicacies.

Annihilator T4-1D (Revenge Alliance Pack)

Like: TechnologyFavourite:Love: Maintenance

Bogstalker (GEMINI Alliance Pack)

Like: Military GearFavourite:Love: Delicacies.

ISO-5R (Battler Alliance Pack)

Like: TechnologyFavourite:Love: Maintenance

Exoboar (Manipulator Alliance Pack)

Like: Military GearFavourite:Love: Delicacies.

TY-4N (Scavenger Alliance Pack)

Like: TechnologyFavourite:Love: Maintenance

Mawvorr (Scavenger Alliance Pack)

Like: Military GearFavourite:Love: Delicacies.

Tuk’ata (Oppressor Alliance Pack)

Like: Military GearFavourite:Love: Delicacies.

Wampa (Life Day Cartel Market)

Like: Courting, Technology, TrophyFavorite: WeaponLove: Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia

K1-Z3N (Eternal Command Pack)

Like: TechnologyFavourite:Love: Maintenance

Special Companions

Master Ranos (Dark vs Light Companion)

 Like: Military Gear, Courting, Technology, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Trophy, Underworld GoodFavourite:Luxury, Courting (Romance), Underworld Good (Romance)Love: Republic Memorabilia

Companions Sorted by Gifts

Info provided by Darth Thanatus.


  • Like: Talos Drellik, M1-4X, Nico Okarr, Z0-0M, Vette, Bowdarr, Arcann, Shae Vizla, Master Ranos, Wampa
  • Favorite:Master Ranos (Romance)
  • Love:

Cultural Artifact

  • Like: Koth Vortena, Scorpio, Theron Shan, Nico Okarr, Aric Jorgan, Guss Tuno, Z0-0M, Rusk, Gault, Broonmark, Torian, Master Ranos
  • Favorite: Senya Tirall, T7-01, Choza Rabbat, “Deadeye” Leyta, Blizz, Vette, Bowdarr
  • Love: Lana Beniko, Talos Drellik, 2V-R8, C2-N2, Ak’ghal Usar

Delicacies (Formerly Artwork)

  • Like: Senya Tirall, Choza Rabbat, Hemdil Tre,
  • Favorite: Lana Beniko, Major Pierce, “Deadeye” Leyta, K’krohl, Aric Jorgan, Bowdarr
  • Love: Koth Vortena, Akk Dog, Nexu, K’lor’slug Soldier, Bogstalker, Exoboar, Mawvorr, Tuk’ata

Imperial Memorabilia

  • Like: Yuun, Major Pierce, Nico Okarr, 2V-R8, Guss Tuno, Vette, Broonmark, Master Ranos
  • Favorite: Lana Beniko, Blizz, Rusk
  • Love: Darth Marr, Eckard Lokin, Talos Drellik, Hemdil Tre, Veeroa Denz, Arcann, Wampa


  • Like: Theron Shan, 2V-R8, Z0-0M, Rusk, Skadge, Vette
  • Favorite: Eckard Lokin, Talos Drellik, Nico Okarr, Hemdil Tre, Veeroa Denz, Kaliyo, Blizz, Guss Tuno, Vette (Romance), Master Ranos
  • Love: Senya Tirall, K’krohl, Bowdarr


  • Like:
  • Favorite: T7-01, HK-55, M1-4X, HK-51, Z0-0M
  • Love: Scorpio, Probe Droid, 2V-R8, C2-N2, Personal Warbot, Q0-77, ISO-5R, TY-4N, K1-Z3N

Military Gear

  • Like: Koth Vortena, Scorpio, Senya Tirall, T7-01, Darth Marr, Hemdil Tre, K’krohl, Rokuss, Akk Dog, Nexu, Kaliyo, K’lor’slug Soldier, Bogstalker, Bowdarr, Broonmark, Exoboar, Mawvorr, Master Ranos, Tuk’ata
  • Favorite: Eckard Lokin, Qyzen Fess, M1-4X, Blizz, Aric Jorgan, Z0-0M, Skadge, Torian
  • Love: HK-55, HK-51, Xalek, Major Pierce, “Deadeye” Leyta, Rusk, Arcann, Shae Vizla, Wampa

Republic Memorabilia

  • Like: Eckard Lokin, Yuun, Major Pierce, Nico Okarr, Aric Jorgan, Vette
  • Favorite: T7-01, Talos Drellik,Blizz, Rusk, Broonmark
  • Love: M1-4X, Choza Rabbat, Hemdil Tre, Guss Tuno, Z0-0M, Master Ranos


  • Like: Lana Beniko, Qyzen Fess, Talos Drellik, Major Pierce, Probe Droid, HK-51, Personal Warbot, Kaliyo, Q0-77, Ak’ghal Usar, Aric Jorgan, ISO-5R, Guss Tuno, Rusk, Gault, Vette, Bowdarr, Torian, Arcann, Shae Vizla, TY-4N, Master Ranos, Wampa, K1-Z3N
  • Favorite: Koth Vortena, HK-55, M1-4X, Nico Okarr, Choza Rabbat, Hemdil Tre, Rokuss, C2-N2, 2V-R8, Z0-0M, Broonmark
  • Love: Scorpio, T7-01, Theron Shan, Darth Marr, Eckard Lokin, Yuun, Blizz


  • Like: Lana Beniko, Scorpio, Theron Shan, HK-55, Nico Okarr, Veeroa Denz, HK-51, Ak’ghal Usar, Aric Jorgan, Guss Tuno, Z0-0M, Rusk, Skadge, Arcann, Shae Vizla, Master Ranos, Wampa
  • Favorite: Darth Marr, Xalek, Major Pierce, Blizz
  • Love: Yuun, Rokuss, Bowdarr, Broonmark, Torian

Underworld Goods

  • Like: Eckard Lokin, Qyzen Fess, Xalek, Major Pierce, Rokuss, Bowdarr, Torian, Master Ranos
  • Favorite: Koth Vortena, Theron Shan, Veeroa Denz, Kaliyo, Gault, Master Ranos (Romance)
  • Love: Nico Okarr, K’krohl, Veeroa Denz, Blizz, Guss Tuno, Skadge, Vette


  • Like: T7-01, Theron Shan, Darth Marr, HK-55,  Yuun, M1-4X, “Deadeye” Leyta, Z0-0M, Gault, Vette
  • Favorite: Scorpio, K’krohl, HK-51, Blizz, Ak’ghal Usar, Rusk, Bowdarr, Torian, Arcann, Shae Vizla, Wampa
  • Love: Koth Vortena, Xalek, Major Pierce, Qyzen, Kaliyo, Aric Jorgan, Skadge, Broonmark