Vanessa Marshall Expresses Interest in Playing Mara Jade in Live-Action Star Wars

Vanessa Marshall Expresses Interest in Playing Mara Jade in Live-Action Star Wars

Vanessa Marshall, known for her role as Hera Syndulla in “Star Wars Rebels,” has expressed her desire to bring the character Mara Jade to life in a live-action Star Wars project. This revelation came during a panel at Fan Expo: San Francisco, sparking excitement among fans of the franchise.

Who is Mara Jade?

Mara Jade is a fan-favorite character from the Star Wars Legends, first appearing in Timothy Zahn’s 1991 novel “Heir to the Empire.” As a vital character in the Legends trilogy, Mara Jade has garnered a significant following, with many fans, including Marshall, hoping for her return to the Star Wars canon.

Vanessa Marshall’s Aspiration

During the panel, which also featured “Rebels” co-stars Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger) and Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano), Collider moderator Arezou Amin asked Marshall about her interest in future live-action roles. Marshall enthusiastically responded, “I would love to play Mara Jade. Can you call Dave Filoni and just let him know that I’d love to play Mara Jade?”

Marshall’s Reasoning

Marshall, with a background in live-action, expressed her eagerness to transition from voice acting to a physical role in the Star Wars universe. Her interest in portraying Mara Jade aligns with her desire to explore new dimensions of her acting career.

Fan Speculation and Hopes

The possibility of Mara Jade’s return has been a topic of discussion among fans for years. Author Timothy Zahn, who introduced Mara Jade, has been frequently asked about her potential comeback during panels at events like Dragon Con. While Zahn has his ideas, he does not have direct influence over live-action content, despite serving as a consultant on “Ahsoka” for Grand Admiral Thrawn’s writing.

Potential for Mara Jade’s Live-Action Debut

With the advanced technology used in “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett,” there is a growing possibility of seeing Mara Jade in live-action, potentially alongside a young Luke Skywalker. This prospect excites fans who have long dreamed of seeing more Legends characters make their way into the current Star Wars canon.


Vanessa Marshall’s interest in playing Mara Jade in a live-action adaptation has added to the growing anticipation among Star Wars fans. Her enthusiasm for the role and her established presence in the Star Wars universe make her a compelling candidate to bring this beloved character to life on screen.

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