SWTOR Companion Affection Achievements in Fallen Empire

SWTOR Companion Affection Achievements in Fallen Empire

Eric Musco just informed us that via the official forums, that Some companion affection achievements will be removed and others adjusted in Fallen Empire. Check it out:

Companion Affection Achievements in Fallen Empire | 10.06.2015, 06:34 PM

Hey folks,
I wanted to pass on some information regarding changes to Companion Achievements in Knights of the Fallen Empire. As many of you know, Affection is being changed to Influence to coincide with your Character’s Alliance. Due to this, we are going to be removing all of the “Reach Max Affection” Achievements from the game, along with the Achievement points which they have granted. We didn’t want to create a situation where a very large number of Achievement points was no longer accessible. You can click the spoiler tag below to see a full list of all of the Achievements being removed.

As a note, the Achievements for “Loyalty to the [Class Name], which were granted for maxing Affection for all of that Classes Companions are going to be changed as well. Now, you will complete that Achievement by completing the “Kill x enemies with x as your active Companion” Achievements. To make up for the loss of Achievement points made via these changes, we have also adjusted the following:

  • We have increased the point values for the “Kill 1,000” Achievements from 5 to 20.
  • We have added a new “Devotion to the [Class]” Achievement for completing all of the “Kill 1,000” Achievements for a given Class/Faction. When completed, you will be granted the Imperial/Republic Squad Commander title respectively.
  • We have added “Kill x” Achievements for both ship droids.


Here is the full list of Achievements being removed:

  • -AGENT-
    • Ensign Temple: The Mysterious Lieutenant
    • Kaliyo Djannis: The Rattataki
    • Eckard Lokin: The Brilliant Doctor
    • SCORPIO: The Killer AI
    • Vector: The Joiner
    • Blizz: The Inventor
    • Gault: The Scoundrel
    • Mako: The Slicer
    • Skadge: The Gangster
    • Torian: The Apprentice
    • Felix Iresso: The Cheerful Soldier
    • Nadia Grell: The Wilder
    • Qyzen Fess: The Mighty Hunter
    • Tharan Cedrax: A Man and his Hologram
    • Zenith: The Freedom Fighter
    • Andronikos Revel: The Pirate
    • Ashara: The Fallen Padawan
    • Khem Val: The Shadow Killer
    • Talos Drellik: The Archaeologist
    • Xalek: The Kaleesh
  • -KNIGHT-
    • Doc: The Ladies’ Man
    • Kira Carsen: The Unexpected Padawan
    • Rusk: The Sergeant The Sergeant
    • Lord Scourge: The Unlikely Companion
    • T7-O1: The Astromech
    • Akaavi Spar: The Uncompromising Mandalorian
    • Bowdaar: The Loyal Wookiee
    • Corso Riggs: More Than a Mercenary
    • Guss Tuno: The Failed Jedi
    • Risha: The Underworld Princess
    • Elara Dorne: The Defector
    • Aric Jorgan: The Career Soldier
    • M1-4X: The War Machine
    • Tanno Vik: The Renegade
    • Yuun: The Findsman
    • Broonmark: The Beast
    • Jaesa (Light): The Padawan
    • Jaesa (Dark): The Corrupted Padawan
    • Pierce: The Commando
    • Quinn: The Officer
    • Vette: The Treasure Hunter
  • -OTHER-
    • HK-51 (Imp): Declaration: I Love the Master (Imperial)
    • HK-51 (Rep): Declaration: I Love the Master (Republic)
    • Treek (Imp): The Unlikely Mercenary (Imperial)
    • Treek (Rep): The Unlikely Mercenary (Republic)

Companion Affection Achievements in Fallen Empire | 10.06.2015, 07:12 PM

Originally Posted by azudelphi

Will the new Squad Commander and Devotion to X titles be retroactive if we have the kill 1000 enemies achievements pre-4.0?
Edited to reflect both titles.



Originally Posted by Pietrastor

Does it mean there won’t be any new Influence achievements either (i.e. “Reach Influence 10 with Lana”)?

That is correct, there are no Influence Achievements planned to be live in Fallen Empire. However, we certainly could add them in the future (and have them be retroactive).