Intergalactic Intel: Community Events

Intergalactic Intel: Community Events

“Do you remember back in raganrok online when we used to hold events?”

I had to stop and think. We did throw a lot of them, most of them ending in disaster.

“Yeah I do why do you ask?”

Welcome back to another Intergalactic Intel! Today we’re talking about community created events. For those of you have joined the MMO genre in the last six years, community created events are a rare thing.

In older MMOs communities held events all the time. These events ranged from pvp tournaments, to hide and seek, and scavenger hunts. They allowed players to experience the game in ways they may have not thought of.  Back in my day of MMOs developers were not the only one’s responsible for the player’s experience in the game. Community events were part of the experience and helped strengthen server communities.

So why bring up this topic? While running an Eternity Vault on my server the other night I learned that Nadd’s Sarcophagus would be holding their own pvp tournament. I sat down and talked with the two coordinators of the event, Kurthos and Perspectives.

Me: So who are you guys?

Perspectives: I’m perspectives, guild master of the <Ministry of Magic> a small group of hardcore pve and pvp players.

Kurthos: And I’m Kurthos, guild master of the <Awfulnauts>, the largest republic raiding and pvp guild on the server.

Me: So why throw the tournament?

Perspectives:  Well there are a few reasons. The first being we want to prove who the best on the server are.  We also want to prove to bioware that arena systems work well in The Old Republic. Hopefully they’ll listen, because we believe rated warzones won’t be enough.

Kurthos: We also want to prove that our server is a strong one. Even though we’re a small server we’re still a competitive and strong one. Hopefully to get more people to join our server.

Me: So where and how is it being held?

Perspectives: It’s being held at the outlaws’ den. Free for all pvp and jazz. Bracket tournament, double elimination. The matches will be held throughout the upcoming week.

Me: Not all at once?

Perspectives: We have a limited number of guards. So matches are scheduled in private. We don’t want anyone uninvited ruining the tournament.

Me: Like sith?

Kurthos: Well not just sith. The tournament was open to both factions. We have one empire team participating. We just want to keep the trolls and the haters out.

Me: What’s the grand prize?

Kurthos: Well each team has a 100,000 Credit entry fee, with 10 teams about 1 million credits in prizes.

Me: So what do you all plan to gain from this?

Perspectives:  Well a stronger community. If all goes well we can run more of these tournaments.

Community made events are something that strengths MMO’s. And if you’ve read my other posts about communities, communities can make or break a game. SWTOR has a great in game community (Stay away from the official forums). With it and enough people SWTOR can become one of the great MMO’s that history shall remember. Until next time may the force be with you!