Fansite Coverage of Guild Summit and Hands On with The Lost Island

Interviews and photo-taking at Guild Summit

It would seem that websites invited as the “official press” got different coverage from those of us who were there as guild leaders. They had special seating in the back of the room and rules on when they were allowed to film and report (and I think also on when they could report on certain things). I wasn’t in any of those secret press meetings so I cannot tell you all the scoop but all of the staff and members of those sites that I met while “mingling” were super nice and awesome to be around.

You can tell that it really takes a certain level of “nerd factor” to attend these things (and also to write for a fansite) and we all left our shame at home when we left for the Guild Summit. 🙂

Seriously, there was a common ground we shared with the love of the game and the desire to see good things come from it. This was a feeling that I got from the other guild leaders, BioWare staff and even from the members of the media who were present.

Thereare a lot of stories streaming out today – mostly hands-on impressions of theLost Island (which looks really awesome by the way).

Here’s a mashup of some of those stories: (hands on impressions)
SWTOR: Flashpoint – The Lost Island Hands On
During last week’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Summit, our team was onhand to check out the new Lost Island Flashpoint just in time for its arrivalon the public test server today.

Here’s me with Pokket and Suzie from

I have a feeling there will be more to come so we’ll keep you posted.

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