Aimbotters a Serious Problem in Star Wars: Battlefront

The PC market for Star Wars: Battlefront is seeing a serious problem with cheating. I recall when the same thing was happening on a massive scale with Counter-Strike and later, CS:GO. While cheating and hacking is still a problem, at least Valve has some safeguards in place to try to combat it and most private servers also have their own protocol for spotting, kicking and banning hackers.

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While the poster of this image is saying they need to fix it or send all PC players a refund (something that sounds a bit unreasonable), he does have a point about the aimbotters being a serious problem.

In Star Wars Battlefront, there seems to already be a small PC playerbase, making it more difficult to leave a game with a cheater and just find another lobby. Add to it the fact that it seems the cheaters are multiplying like rabbits and it’s really ruining the game.

The basic protocol when you run across a hacker/cheater is:

Step 1: Report

Step 2 (if you choose): Leave and find a new game

However, the problem some people are finding is that the same hackers show up again and again, or leaving one game for another means you come across another. The cheating is becoming a serious problem for many PC players now.

Cheating is not a new concept for online shooters. It’s been around as long as the genre of game has been around. That said, EA doesn’t seem to be showing good communication about how they plan to handle this problem or how they are currently handling it. This gives the impression they simply don’t care, which is frustrating to players who’ve paid a lot of money for the game.

Another complaint is that the bans seem to happen in waves and not right away when the hackers are reported. There might be a good reason for this. One theory that is tossed around is that if Dice/EA ban the cheater immediately, it’s easier for them to figure out what they did that got them caught. So by waiting to ban them later in waves, it makes it more difficult for the hackers to come right back with new/better hacks. Regardless, it’s safe to say the PC market wants to see this problem dealt with, as it’s ruining the game play experience.

Lisa Clark

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