Weather Report: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Cristian “Kit” Paul Made these excellent weatherer forecasts from A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

I burst out laughing at Alderaan‘s report. But expected Dagobah to be a lot warmer. Also, Hoth was never threatened by the Death Star, too far away to be reached from the galactic core. But the little Tauntauns were cute.

At the moisture farms in the Dune Sea on Tatooine every day is double-sunny and double-hot, including today. There are 38 degrees right now and this is as hot as it’ll get for the day. Expect a few squalls kicking up desert sand.

Double-fine day on Tatooine. © Cristian ·Kit· Paul.

An icy cold night tonight at Echo Base on Hoth—with a slight chance of flurries, light snow showers and annihilation. Please make sure that no tauntauns are left outside or they’ll turn into popsicles. A waning crescent Death Star will be visible through the cracks in the clouds.

Cutting cold with a chance of kaboom at at Echo Base on Hoth © Cristian ·Kit· Paul.

Cloud City
A balmy day today up in Cloud City, with a day’s high at 24 degrees and the cloud sea low enough to offer a decent sight. The visibility is expected to improve even more in the afternoon. Keep it up, folks!

Balmy weather up in Cloud City. © Cristian ·Kit· Paul.

Nice and sunny in Aldera today, on beautiful Alderaan. Some showers are expected tomorrow. Unfortunately there seems to be a glitch about Tuesday’s high temperature and no readings from Wednesday on for some reason—we apologize for the technical difficulty. On the bright side, we have a new artificial moon called The Death Star and it’s crescent is clearly visible and awesome. Enjoy.

Weird glitch in future weather readings on Alderaan. © Cristian ·Kit· Paul.

In the steaming bayous and petrified gnarltree forests of Dagobah it is awful wet—as usual—and it won’t get better for a while: we’re expecting a lot more fog, mist, rain showers, and murky weather. Hold on in there you try. Hey, just kidding!

On Dagobah, murky weather it is. © Cristian ·Kit· Paul.

CRISTIAN KIT PAUL is a founding partner and Creative Director of Brandient. Before setting up the brand consultancy with his partners in 2002, he worked for 10 years as art director and creative director with the advertising agencies Graffiti/BBDO, Tempo Advertising and D’Arcy in Bucharest and also as a freelance graphic designer in Bucharest and Singapore. Some of his advertising campaigns won national and international nominations and prizes.

Over the past years he grew as one the most important brand designers in Central and Eastern Europe, with international design prizes at Rebrand100 (US), Identity Best of the Best (Moscow), EULDA (European Logo Design Association) and Pentwards, as well as being featured in books and publications like LogoLounge, LOGO and Design USA. Most recently, in April 2009 he got the highest recognition at ReBrand100, as a Best of Awards winner for his identity rebranding of Dedeman, a Romanian DIY retail chain. In another recognition of his stature, he was invited to jury international design competitions like LogoLounge (US) and Identity: Best of the Best (Moscow).

Kit is leading the creative team and ensures the Creative Direction for all strategic projects at Brandient. His experience is built on the hundreds of brand projects designed and creatively supervised, from household names like Fulga and Zuzu to large retail chains Flanco and Domo to state companies like Radiocom (Societatea Națională de Radiocomunicații). He also was the Creative Director for the high profile job of rebranding CEC Bank, the oldest Romanian bank.

He is permanently concerned about the role of design in communities and the social responsibility of the designer.