May the schwartz be with you: Awesome Star Wars Advertisements

May the schwartz be with you this holiday season, especially if you are shopping at Curry’s PCWorld. The British electronics store has gone all out for its Christmas campaign, licensing the cast of Star Wars for a series of ads that get you in the Star Wars holiday spirit.

You can see Darth Vader, Chewbacca and R2D2 shopping for gifts, exploring the store, learning new things and even finding potential love.

Currys PC World 2011 Official Ad – Vader’s Visit Director’s Cut (Darth Vader Star Wars) 

In this one, Vader himself stops by to ensure staff have been properly trained.

Currys PCWorld Official – Chewbacca Makeover 

Here Chewbacca learns why a great hairdryer is a girl’s (or wookie’s) best friend.

Currys PCWorld Official – R2D2 Error 

Poor R2D2 runs into a bit of trouble.

Currys PCWorld Official – R2D2 & Hetty Hoover 

But don’t feel too bad for R2D2 because he later finds love.

Currys PCWorld Official – Chewbacca Hug 

What happens when you give a wookie a makeover? He might thank you like this:

For more fun, and to learn more about the campaign, see the “Making of Vader’s Visit”:

Lisa Clark

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