Bioware adresses Romance and Courting Gift Bugs in SWTOR

The SWTOR Developers over at BioWare have finally shed some light on the companion romance and courting gift bugs that’s currently in the game.

Dear TaitWatson: The Companion Romance System NEEDS to be fixed. | 01.07.2016, 07:41 PM

Hey everyone,

We have seen quite a few reports about the Romance system being broken, and I wanted to clarify a few things. A number of the issues being reported are not, in fact, bugged.

The big one is Iresso. While Iresso is not alone in not acknowledging your romance, he has become the name surrounding the whole situation. In this case, there is a bug – the romance variables for some of the pre-KOTFE companions are being improperly assessed, leading to the appearance that they aren’t romanced even if they are. This fix is scheduled for 4.1 but is not finalized yet. What should have occurred is that when you completed Chapter I of Fallen Empire, you would receive a mail from your romance. We believe that this issue is also affecting pre-KOTFE content as well; please let us know once the fix is live if you notice any issues. It is worth pointing out that this change is not retroactive: if you have already started Fallen Empire, you will not receive the letter.

I have also seen mention of not being able to romance one of the new characters (Lana, Theron, Koth) being a bug. As far as we can tell, this is not bugged at this time. In order to romance these characters, you must consistently choose flirt options with them throughout KOTFE (having a relationship with Theron or Lana back in Shadow of Revan also contributes to their romances, but is not required) and you must choose a particular option in Chapter IX to pursue a full romance with one of them. If anyone finds that this is not the case for their character, definitely let us know!

As for Courting gifts, we are aware that they are only able to be consumed by Nico Okarr. At first we thought he was just greedy, but we found out it’s because of the change from Affection to Influence, and the Courting Gifts not making the appropriate swap. This is also scheduled for Game Update 4.1.


In the meantime, Bowdaar will accept your courting gifts. Your Wookie pal loves you back!