Swtor-mined: PTS Latest Build Dump | 10/8/2013

SWTOR_Miner is active again with a new data-dump of the lats Public Test Server game patch.  It looks like, zero nerfes in this patch to Rage dmg. Snipers can be charged on while in cover, but not while Entrenched. Zero changes to Bounty Hunter classes except the little pruge change.  I also  see Smash Juggs getting immunity to slows while using Enrage as being the most notable balance change included. I hope they add more changes then this because this will not change much.

The data mind info also contains some new in-game posters advertising the upcoming expansion  “Galactic Starfighter”

Serve our Empire Destroy our Enemies

Serve our Empire Destroy our Enemies

Starfighter Pilots  the Empire Needs You

Starfighter Pilots the Empire Needs You

Protect the Republic Become a Starfighter Pilot

Protect the Republic Become a Starfighter Pilot

Fly With the Best Sign Up Now

Fly With the Best

Below are the complete data-dump:

I’m going to be switching up the format from the normal text to xml. The reason being that it’s about 1000x easier to compare xml elements than a raw text file, and maybe 100x less memory intensive.

At some point I’m going to write a parser to format these into html. Right now, I’m focusing on increasing the number of things I’m tracking for changes. This time round I bring you a preview of my Achievements, Quest, Codex, and Npc parsers.

Also, I’m a huge moron. I was trying to sift out just the new stuff from the 2.4 stuff that got patched out and back into the PTS between these last two builds. Then I realized I could just perform a second comparison to the 2.4 build on the Live Client. Which took all of about 5 minutes.


New/Changed Items – Slightly Easier to read test version

New/Changed Quests

New/Changed Npcs – File exceeded the Pastebin limit, so it’s a sendspace link. Click only the link with the text “Click here to start download from sendspace”

New/Changed Abilities – Same as the link above. Click only the link with the text “Click here to start download from sendspace”

New/Changed Achievements – This is my newest parser and is full of incomplete/duplicate information, but it should give you a general idea.

The single new/changed Codex Entry:

<Codex Id=”773787″>
<Text>You received this title from a Tracker’s Bounty Pack.</Text>

Have at it guys. Let’s see if you come up with the same stuff I did.