Bioware sending out e-mails for beta testing


Some lucky players are reporting that they have received an email from BioWare regarding Beta testing. It not known what they are supposed to beta test yet, but giving the recent announcement of Star Wars: The old republic upcoming expansion Galactic Starfighter, it’s obvious what players are going to test. So guys, check out your mail box, and let us know if you got a mail like this:


We wanted to let you know that the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ team is looking to recruit testers for an upcoming release and we have identified you as a candidate for possibly helping us in this effort. To participate in this testing program, at a minimum, you must be at least 18-years of age, have played SWTOR for 6-months or more, and have an active subscription for SWTOR. Participation in this program will also require you to sign a Beta Testing Agreement, which includes a confidentiality provision that prohibits you, publicly or privately, from disclosing anything about this program to anyone until you are released from that agreement. You will also be required to contribute time in tasks beyond just general testing such as sending to us comments, feedback and suggestions daily through a protected forum access. This program will run for a minimum of 6 weekends between September and November 2013.

If you meet our criteria and can make the time commitment to help us, the next step will be to sign our Digital Beta Testing Agreement here: (make sure you are logged in)

Once you have signed our Digital Beta Testing Agreement just hold tight. You will hear from us very soon with more information. Thank you in advance for consideration of this opportunity, we value your interest and your commitment to our game.