Disney Lets Stars Wars 1313 Trademarks Expire


Now that they have officially decided to cease production of Star Wars 1313, Disney has let the trademark expire. This is the final nail in the coffin and signifies the time to give up hope if you were thinking that maybe, just maybe, they might change their mind about producing this game. It’s official: trademark’s status on the US Patent and Trademark Office had changed to “Abandoned” as of the end of last year.

Back in 2012 when the game was initial shown during E3, we were all excited. It was to be developed on a modified Unreal Engine 3 and you could play as Boba Fett. Fans were enamored. But sadly, the game was not meant to be.

It’s really a shame that Disney let this one go because as recently as just last year, it seemed to have a lot of hope and promise. It’s not really clear why this game was abandoned but it seems when Disney shut down LucasArts, they just didn’t have the team left to focus on it. But a big company like Disney could have made it happen. So why abandon a project the fans seemed so eager to receive?

We may never known but for now, at least, it seems like Star Wars 1313 is completely off the table for Disney.

Here’s some video of what could have been…

Lisa Clark

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