Eric Musco Took on the officla forums, and  answered some questions regarding the upcoming expansion.

WTB Musco! Rest of promised BLOGS??? | 10.15.2015, 04:45 PM

Originally Posted by dscount

  • Operations – Explain how this rotating BIS gear is going to work?
  • Conquest changes – PVE repeatable added?
  • Crafting Mats – Can we get a list of what they converting into?
  • Alliance – Any details prior to go live on this?
  • Cartel Market – Armor was promised before go Live I think.
  • Level Sync – Any chance to make optional or address concerns?
  • Crafting Lost – Can we get schems moved or at least a chest provided of them please?
  • Achievo points lost – Can we get instant 1k companion kills for those that had 10k affection already?

Let me take a crack at some of these!

  • Great question. Each week, one hard mode Operation is designated as a “High-Priority Target,” players can see which Operation this is by visiting the fleet and visiting the FP/Op section. There you will find a Target Analysis Computer with a holo version of the last boss of the Op with text specifying the Op, the boss will also have a buff indicating this inside the Op. Under normal circumstances, a HM boss will be dropping ilvl 220. If they are the High-Priority Target, they will also drop ilvl 224 in addition to their normal drops.
  • No PvE repeatable has been added with 4.0. However, the team is looking at possibly adding this in the future.
  • This was answered to an extent in the Crafting changes blog. We have a list of all of the materials being removed in that blog, they will be collapsed into the relevant material of the same grade.
  • I explained a bit about this on the livestream. We have some press folks who are doing reporting on Alliance, and IIRC they are releasing their coverage on Early Access launch day, the 20th. Our plan is to match that with our own blog on Alliance around the same time.
  • I realize your post is a few days old, but Thexan’s armor is now live on the CM
  • No plans that I know of to make this optional.
  • Older Crafting patterns that were impacted by the Mastery changes, or shared duplicate purpose, have been removed. Older Crafting patterns that still had a cosmetic appearance, have been moved to an Archive section. This is also affected by the other changes noted in the Crafting blog (such as changes to who crafts what)
  • There are no plans to auto-grant the kill Achievements. However, we do realize that this could mean some players will lose Achievement points in 4.0 (or gain them, if they already have the kill Achievements)

Hopefully that covers your questions!

WTB Musco! Rest of promised BLOGS??? | 10.15.2015, 12:20 PM

Originally Posted by FerkWork

Eric, can you clarify 2 things for me if possible.
So does that mean only the last boss of the instance will be buffed and drop a 224 or will all bosses in instance receive such buff and drop a 224 instead of 220. Second, will the drop be the equivalent of the respective HM (I.E. Revan HM buffed drops a 224 MH) or is it random?

Sure thing!
Each boss will drop 224, not just the final boss. Also, each boss is assigned a specific piece, it is not random.