Star Wars: The old republic GAMESCOM Day 1

Today is press day at Gamescom 2010 and tons of new information have been reviled.
Darth Hater reports the names of all the advanced classes were revealed and they are:


  • Jedi Consular – Shadow (double-bladed lightsaber) and Wizard (healing / single lightsaber)
  • Trooper – Commando and Vanguard


The German Fan Site (they have an English translation button) had a good 15 min. of playtime today, were they gathered heaps of information. Amongst a detailed list of stuff, they confirmed that the Zabrak trooper was seen as a playable race. Here is a list of what they gathered:

  • 36 people can play at the booth at the same time.
  • The Jedi classes are not playable yet, but the remaining six classes are.
  • Character creation could not be seen, there are predefined characters.
  • We saw a Zabrak trooper. It looks like this species will also be available for this class to choose.
  • There are thin and big characters. It looks like body weight is going to be adjustable.
  • Voice.overs are completely in English at the booth.
  • The characters start right at the beginning and you can go as far as you can in 15 minutes.
  • If you open the map (via M) and continue walking the map becomes transparent so you can easily navigate to your next target
  • There are bonus quests which start automatically. If you reach a certain point on the map, a quest appears in your log. For example you have to kill K’lor slugs in the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban. Bonus quest give experience points once you finish them, you don’t have to bring them to an npc.
  • There are “Bind on Equip” items
  • There’s a system implemented, which allows you to bind you to a location to return quickly
  • There are class trainers, who allow you to buy new skills once you gain a certain level

Check out there full coverage at

Following hot on the heals of yesterdays big ‘Space reveals’, we have some tasty screenshots of combat and classes – Enjoy!