Fan Site Summit screenshot collection.

At last weeks fan´site summit, all the attending websites was given there own unique screenshot to show on their website. Since it has been out for about a week I thought it was OK for us to post them here also. So for your viewing pleasure, I give you the complete collection of Fan site screens:

ToR-Talks screenshot: Nikto on Nar Shaddaa
SWTOR-UK got a screenshot of  Coruscant


TORWars shows off Balmorra


SWTOR-Life shows of Nal Hutta
SWTOR-FR got a screenshot of Nar Shaddaa


Torcast shows some Jedi vs. Sith combat got another screenshot of the same combat


… And so did Darth Hater
Old got a nice screenshot of Nar Shaddaa


… And so did Corellian Run Radio
TORSyndicate got Trooper and Smuggler action
… And so did Ask a Jedi

And I think that’s it