The Best Alternative Star Wars Movie Posters

Last week or so, I mentioned in a post on Strong Stuff’s new retro Star Wars poster that the culture of fan-made alternate movie posters is one of my favourite developments of the internet era, and the article got me thinking. A while back, over at ObsessedWithFilm (where you can find my movie related ramblings) I compiled a list of the best alternative Pixar posters, and was surprised at the sheer number to be found online. That surprise was nothing compared with what I felt when I started getting down to the serious business of researching this column, as I uncovered and rediscovered hundreds (probably more like thousands in fact) of fan- and artist-made alternative Star Wars movie posters.

This then, is the first fruit of that “research”. I plan this to be a regular column looking at the best in alternative Star Wars posters, some infamous, some we’ve seen before and hopefully some undiscovered gems.

So, here we go with Round 1, featuring old but firm favourites from Olly Moss and Old Red Jalopy and a few lesser known offerings. If I had infinite money, and a Death Star sized house, I’d buy them all. Although curved walls are probably a bit of a nightmare when it comes to putting posters up…

Artist: Olly Moss (for MondoTees)

Artist: David Friedman

Artist: Graphic Nothing
Artists: Old Red Jalopy

Artist: 37 Posters

Artist: New Wave Creative

Artist: Andy Helms

Artist: Tyler Stout (for Mondo)
These are merely a drop in the ocean. There will be more when I return…