Star Wars: The Old Republic Will Feature Achievements at Launch

Many MMOs that we have come to love feature achievements andStar Wars: The Old Republic will notbe any different. However, the type of achievements will be a little differentfrom what you may be used to, at least at first. These are not your typical WoW-typeachievements.
At this time, Daniel Erickson, the lead writer of Biowarestated that “achievements” would appear in SWTOR when it launches. However, theones that appear with the launch will be detailed achievements for doing heroicthings such as fighting the bosses on each planet.
Just what kind of achievements are we going to see on ship?
Erickson explains to DarthHaterat Eurogamer Expo:
They’renot going to be the achievements, the crazy achievements that you have to placeeverywhere, that are like, “Hey if you drink 6 beers and fart in acantina,” those are not going the achievements to go in. Version 1 of theachievement system which go in, which is actually doing big, heroic stuff,because there’s a ton of great optional content in The Old Republic, like,”Hey, I went to every world and kicked the world boss’s ass.” Thosekinds of achievements. That’s going to be the level one system. People need reasonsto go back to planets and run around and do that other stuff, so that will comesecond. The first system is, “Hey, here’s my bragging rights, here’s thebad ass stuff I did in-game.”
The point of the achievements that will be present at launchare to encourage the players to really experience the game. This meanstraveling beyond your questing and required zones and seeing all the content. Justseeing the content won’t be enough, though. While these achievements are completelyoptional, they stem from doing some really cool and noble actions in the game.
Erickson also made the statement that in the future, sometimeafter the launch, more achievements will be added. These will include the sillytasks designed for fun and entertainment purposes for gamers who enjoy a littlehumor in their games. However, there is no release date for those achievements atthis time.

Lisa Clark

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