Patch Notes 2.5.2a

Rakghoul event

Servers are back up, and the Rakghoul event has started! Todays patch notes says nothing about the event, but if you head to Alderaan there is a new codex entry in the space port. There will be plaguebearer mobs at house Thul and already I’m infected with stage 1 of the virus.

Enjoy the even!

Below are the official patch notes:

Patch Notes 2.5.2a
Cartel Market

  • Premium Redeemer and Mailoc Gunships can be directly purchased with Cartel Coins in the Cartel Market or the Hangar, providing an alternate look for the Quarrel/Mangler.
  • In Collections, the Firmament Tauntaun now properly states that it is found in the Dogfighter’s Starfighter Pack.
  • Republic Strike Fighter Paint Job 03 will now properly show its name in French and German, and is now able to be listed on the Galactic Trade Network in all languages.