SWTOR Additional 3.1.1 Patch Notes

Is that spiderman

BioWare added some additional patch notes to the one released yesterday. Check them out below:

Flashpoints + Operations

Terror From Beyond

Battle of Rishi

  • Marko’Ka’s summoned droids can no longer be salvaged.

Legacy of the Rakata

  • Added additional points of collision in the area around the Infinite Army Prototype to prevent the avoidance of boss mechanics.

Directive 7

  • The Mentor Assassin Beta no longer drops loot before all of the Assassin Droids are defeated.

Items + Economy

  • The following crafted cybertech items have had their values reduced significantly to be more in line with other crafted items:
    • Frasium Frontline Secondary Parts
    • Frasium Frontline Primary Parts
    • Frasium Ordnance Secondary Parts
    • Frasium Ordnance Primary Parts
    • Frasium Frontline Secondary Motor
    • Frasium Ordnance Primary Motor
    • Frasium Frontline Primary Motor
    • Frasium Ordnance Secondary Motor
    • Frasium Ordnance Secondary Core
    • Frasium Ordnance Primary Core
    • Frasium Frontline Sensor Unit
    • Frasium Frontline Secondary Core
    • Frasium Frontline Primary Core
    • Frasium Ordnance Sensor Unit