Highlights of the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con

Highlights of the San Diego Comic-Con were announced on the official SWTOR site and they were happy to report that “Star Wars: The Old Republic was a big hit at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con!” There were literally thousands of gamers and Star Wars fans showed up to make it a huge success.
Excited gamers filled the show-floor booth and the Hilton Gaslamp hotel, which was the base for BioWare. They had the chance to play through an hour of Origin Worlds and Esseles Flashpoints. Some of them even got the unique opportunity to be the very first gamers to play “Player versus Player” combat on the planet Alderaan.
SWTOR.com said, “The crowds were incredible and once again we are grateful for the consistently positive responses to the game”.
They were happy and amazed to see so many fans (over 2,000) show up to take part in the stimulating “Join Us – It Is Your Destiny” Star Wars: TOR panel. This panel was made up of James Ohlen, Stephen Reid and Rich Vogel. It was led by Dallas Dickinson, the Director of Production.
These lucky fans learned about some of the new features and content that TOR includes before anyone else found out. For example, fans viewed the latest “Join the Fight trailer” and it was announced that players could make the game more personal by changing the look of their companions. New in-game vehicle designs were unveiled and fans had the opportunity to see how the choices you make for your character affect the end journey.
A Q&A session was held with developers throughout the weekend and many questions were asked on both Facebook and Twitter as well. SWTOR composed a great “highlights video” for the Star Wars fans that didn’t get to take advantage of the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con weekend.