2011 SWTOR Launch Claims Reiterated

Star Wars fans feared that the launch of SWTOR would run into 2012 but MCV reports that this is not the case. According to Ben Parfitt, publisher EA states that the game will be released before the year is up. This is great news for gamers who are anticipating the release of this MMO.

In January, fans thought the game would be released sometime during the first six months of the year while MCV reported that EA planned to release TOR in September. In May, this SWTOR was completely removed from the “EA’s release schedule” and this got gamers worried. Many begin to believe it would be sometime in 2012 before they would have the chance to play this long-anticipated game.
VP Ray Muzyka, co-founder of BioWare and EA senior, put these fears to rest by announcing this is not the case. He told MCV that this game is expected to not only launch before the year is up but it’s also expected that it will be one of the largest launches to take place.
Muzyka made this statement, “Our teams at BioWare and EA, along with our partners at LucasArts, are laser-focused on creating a high quality game, but just as importantly, they are resolute in delivering a high quality service.” He also added that to ensure online play is smooth for gamers who don’t take the plunge, the company will limit supplies at the launch of the game deliberately.
The company is working hard and taking every precaution to ensure that the SWTOR community has a stable foundation from the beginning so it can thrive and grow. This is why a specific date for release is not being provided.