Jedi Consular Records

There is power in wisdom, study, and diplomacy.

These are the words of the Jedi Consular Records as reported on the news feed.
There is power in wisdom, study, and diplomacy. The Jedi Consular wields that power with an even hand. Consulars study the mysteries of the Force. They use their knowledge to bring peace, but when words fail, their understanding of the Force makes them dangerous foes. Choose your Consular’s path – become the strong, silent hand of the Jedi Council as a Shadow, or immerse yourself in the mysteries of the Force as a Sage, healing and empowering your allies.

Learn more details about the Jedi Consular:
· Meet Qyzen Fess, a mighty Trandoshan hunter who joins the Consular’s cause
· Find out more about the mystical Mirialan, wise Force-sensitives who often become Jedi Consulars
· Take a tour of the Jedi Starship, the Corellian Defender-Class Light Corvette; it’s perfect for diplomatic missions, but well-equipped for combat if negotiations go sour.
· Don’t miss the new Jedi Consular class video!”
So there you have it folks! A fun look inside the Jedi Consular. See for yourself what it will be like. What do you think?