Sharpen Your DFS Knowledge and Bring that Knife to Your Next Monkey Fight

There’s a new monkey in town, and daily fantasy sports enthusiasts are going to love it. The site helps add some fun twists to everyday sports betting. It expands on the idea that beyond just winning cash, the opportunities should be fun. Monkey Knife Fight is just that, fun and a lot of it.  Best of all, you can use a free $50 sign up bonus with an exclusive monkey knife fight promo code. It’s free and instant.

What is the Monkey Fight?

Monkey Knife Fight is a daily betting site that adds entertaining twists to sports betting. Sure, it’s fun to employ game strategy to use the point spread or pick the game’s over/under score. But, this site loves to have run and likes to monkey around with your mind.

You can bet on all sorts of fun prop bets, with equally as funny names. Basketball bettors can wager on a game’s leading scorer, or pick who will be the glass cleaner. The Monkey knows that when you clean the glass in hoops, you’re hauling down rebounds.

What’s to Like About the Monkey Knife Fight?

There’s a lot to like about the Monkey Knife Fight, especially if you like to win. One interesting twist to individual bets is the ability to ramp them up as high as 19 times the wager rate, depending on the size of the parlay.

Once you secure a deposit bonus, everyone should like that, and figure out the basic odds structure, it’s time to find a bet. The list of featured games right up front on the site, helps beginners and novice bettors.

Making a pick using the straight odds in the Pacers vs. Lakers game is cool, but the MKF lets you roll the over/under odds on individual player performances. Bet on whether LeBron James will drop more than the over/under mark, or how many dimes a Pacer or Laker will drop.

There is also a huge variety of sports, with individual prop bets, unique to each of these. I love the wildly popular MKF bets for pro football the most. There are NBA, MLB, NHL, soccer and golf opportunities as well. There’s another category that is tremendously exciting.

Rapid Fire allows you to determine the size of the payout, plus work with certain player game statistics. When you have a hunch about something potentially odd happening in a game, you can monkey around with your picks to get a player with a handicap. This is where you can ramp up the odds as much as 19 times your wager.

So, in a nutshell, the Monkey Knife Fight is an online betting site that likes to monkey around with the world of sports betting. Gone are the days of boring straight moneyline bets, or waiting around for the final score to post, just to see if you beat the spread. Now you can watch every game with excitement as all your Monkey Knife Fight bets unfold with every play. Sharpen your betting blade, and cut this monkey to pieces.