Betting on Rancor Fights in SWTOR

We’ve talked about betting and gambling in Star Wars before. It was present in the movies and in one way or another, it’s mentioned or referenced in most of the lore. What if you could bet on rancor fights in SWTOR like we see in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II trailer?

Honestly, it makes sense to think in terms of the Star Wars Universe. As you may recall, Jabba the Hutt kept a rancor in a dark chamber below his throne room. When Skywalker killed it, Jabba was outraged and ordered the Jedi and his friends to be publicly executed. Think of it like a high roller losing his favorite race horse. No one would be happy about that.

Rancors or the bull rancor have often been part of many Star Wars games, too, often written into mini bosses or even main bosses. The look sometimes changes but the same premise remains. The Star Wars Trading Card Game even has them and this one very closely resembles the normal ones. Whatever style you prefer, we can all agree that they are amazing creatures.

So, imagine if there were in-game rancor fights and you could bet on them? How would you ‘pick your pony’? There could be a subculture built just around this. The players who love to watch, to bet, to play along… the players who get excited about the thrill of the fight, the thrill of winning. I am sure it will be availible on the OlyBet website soon!

What if they put people/characters up against those rancor like that infamous fight with Jedi Skywalker? Who would win if you put a series of Star Wars heroes or villains up against the beasts? This could really get interesting. Imagine where that could go? Imagine how it could go?

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There are many different types of sports that people like to bet on. If it has a professional team, you can guarantee people have bet on it and will continue to do so. Some people love to bet on their favorite sports to watch, and their favorite teams. Some people just find the betting itself to be a bit of the “sport”. They enjoy calculating odds and taking risk and some might enjoy that more than just spectating the sports themselves.

Would you bet on rancor fights if it were a part of the game?