Disney Uses Steam Decks to Control Star Wars Droids at Galaxy’s Edge

Disney’s Ingenious Use of Steam Decks to Bring Star Wars Droids to Life

In a fascinating blend of technology and entertainment, Disney has adopted Valve’s Steam Deck, the leading handheld gaming PC, as the primary controller for its Star Wars droids. This innovative use of the Steam Deck was first spotted in October 2023, through a candid video clip showing cast members maneuvering droids with the device. Now, these droids are set to charm visitors once again at Disneyland Park, Florida, during the Season of the Force event, showcasing the versatility of the Steam Deck beyond its gaming capabilities.

The Steam Deck: Beyond Gaming

The Steam Deck’s Linux-based operating system and its adaptability have allowed it to find applications well outside the realm of gaming, reminiscent of the initial excitement surrounding the Microsoft Kinect. This transition from a gaming console to a multifunctional device underscores the Steam Deck’s potential in various industries, including themed entertainment.

Visitors to Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland Park will have the opportunity to see these droids in action, roaming the park from April 5 to June 2. The new images released by Disney provide a clearer view of the Steam Decks in use, complete with thematic skins that blend seamlessly with the Star Wars universe. Additionally, modifications such as an external power source have been added to extend the device’s operational time beyond the typical 2-3 hours, ensuring the droids can entertain guests throughout the day.

A Perfect Match for Disney’s Droids

The choice of the Steam Deck as the controller for Disney’s Star Wars droids is not just practical but also a testament to the device’s advanced features. With a built-in screen, controls, and gyro capabilities, the Steam Deck offers a level of control and flexibility unmatched by other systems. This decision to utilize an off-the-shelf device rather than developing a custom solution from scratch highlights Disney’s innovative approach to technology integration.

While Disney has not disclosed the specifics of how the Steam Decks have been modified for droid control, the use of the Linux-based SteamOS offers a hint at the platform’s flexibility and potential for customization. This move by Disney is a brilliant example of how businesses can repurpose consumer technology for unique and creative applications.

Looking Forward to Droid Encounters

As Disney prepares to showcase these droids at the Season of the Force event, fans and tech enthusiasts alike are eager to witness these Steam Deck-controlled characters in action. This initiative not only enriches the visitor experience at Galaxy’s Edge but also demonstrates the endless possibilities of leveraging gaming technology in entertainment settings.

For those who own a Steam Deck for its intended purpose, this story serves as a reminder of the device’s potential beyond playing the best Steam Deck games. Disney’s innovative use of the Steam Deck to control Star Wars droids is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity that continue to drive the entertainment industry forward.