The Least Known Games with Low House Edge

The Least Known Games with Low House Edge

When choosing a game, remember that a house edge is one of the crucial factors influencing your winning chances. This term describes a built-in mathematical advantage that allows casinos to profit over time. A higher house edge leads to players winning less over time, while a low house edge increases your chances of success.

If you’re not new in gambling, you must have played some of the low-house edge games, like blackjack or video poker. Why not break the gambling monotony with less popular games with a low house edge? Let’s review some of them. 

Tip: Many websites cater to the needs of both mature players and newbies. By choosing a reliable website that combines both an online casino and a betting website, you will ensure the most seamless experience. 

1. Pai Gow Poker

House edge: 2.5%.

Poker has numerous variants, ranging from the well-known Texas hold’em to stud and Omaha. If you are bored with more conventional poker variants, try pai gow. It’s based on a Chinese domino game and has a lot of common principles with it. 

Although pai gow is extremely popular in many Asian countries, it only gains popularity in the West. Luckily, more players can access this dynamic game thanks to online casinos. 

Is it hard to play pai gow poker? Well, it is not an easy game. Although you will get the basics in a couple of first sittings, you may need months or even years to master it. 

Here are the basics. The players compete against the dealer. The game starts with placing the bets. After that, each player is dealt seven cards, which they should separate into two hands. One hand should have two cards of lower value, while the other hand should have five cards of higher value.

2. Backgammon

House edge: approx. 5%.

Backgammon is among the most popular and oldest table games in casinos. Some historians date the game back 5,000 years to ancient Mesopotamia, as backgammon boards were found across the region.

Backgammon is a pretty simple game that you can learn in one sitting. You will need a backgammon board (it has long triangles scattered along the board’s opposing sides), round pieces, and dice. After rolling the dice, the player will start moving pieces along the board clockwise, while the opponent will move them counterclockwise. The aim of the game is to move all your pieces along the triangles and off the board.

3. Caribbean Stud Poker

House edge: 5% and more.

Compared to backgammon, Caribbean stud poker is a new game. It was created in approximately the 1980s. If you have already played five-card stud, you will get the Caribbean poker basics in little time. After wagering, each player has five cards. Unlike stud poker, you don’t need to bluff, so your primary opponent is the house. 

From fun experience to low house edge, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a game. With games like backgammon, Caribbean stud, and pai gow poker, you will get both the low house edge and lots of fun.