SWTOR: Game Update 3.1: Conflict On Rishi Patch Notes


swtor patch notes

Here are the patch notes for tomorrow maintenance. Servers will be down for a few hours while BioWare have there fun.
Check out the patch notes below:

Game Update 3.1: Conflict On Rishi


  • Ranked Warzone Arena Season 4 has begun! Get in there and go berserk! Season 3 leaderboards have been archived.
  • New Hard Mode Flashpoints! Hard Mode Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi are now available through Group Finder in the Hard Mode Flashpoint category at level 60.
  • New Legacy Unlock – Improved Mounting! You can now summon any vehicle or creature mount while moving!
  • Relics of the Gree is back! The Gray Secant has been spotted on Ilum, which means only one thing: the Relics of the Gree Event is back and now available for Level 60 players! From February 24th at 4:00PST/12:00 GMT to March 3rd at 4:00PST/12:00GMT at 4:00PST/12:00GMT, Black Bisectors are called upon to complete missions for new rewards!
  • Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins February 10th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT and ends February 17th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT
  • Progress faster with a Double XP Weekend! Get twice the experience from February 13th at 10:00 PST/18:00 GMT to February 15/16th at 23:00 PST/07:00 GMT!


  • Ship Droids can now equip 1-Handed Blaster Pistols in their Main Hand.
  • Hard Mode Battle of Rishi and Blood Hunt have been added to the Mission “[WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts.”
  • The following exit points have been added to Guild Flagships:
    • Republic: Yavin 4: Coalition Staging
    • Republic: Rishi: Raider’s Cove
    • Republic: Rishi: Blaster’s Path Cantina
    • Imperial: Rishi: Blaster’s Path Cantina
  • Fixed an issue where player Utility Points would not reset when the data had changed, resulting in players not always meeting the criteria for the Utility set up they have.
  • The Achievements for killing Commander Mokan now have a proper icon.
  • The BH-7X Custom Hunter vehicle now correctly banks into turns.
  • The Decoration UI no longer lists the Decoration “Life Day Holo-Tree (Green)” as available.
  • The Cyan Sphere vehicle is now purchasable from the Gree Reputation vendor.

Cartel Market

  • The Apprentice’s Shadow Pack is now available from the Cartel Market!
  • Corrected the jet pack animation locations on Shae Vizla’s Chestguard.
  • Corrected the jet pack animation on the Headhunter’s Body Armor.
  • Selecting the “Bright Yellow Eyes” option in Character Creation or the Appearance Designer no longer makes it impossible to make further changes.
  • The Dathomir Shaman’s Hood now appears properly when equipped or previewed.
  • The Investigator’s Robe no longer has two hoods.
  • The Icon for the Appearance Modification Station Decoration is now blue instead of green to appropriately match the required Floor Hook size.
  • The Collections UI no longer has images of the Juhani set while viewing or unlocking the Underwater Explorer’s Armor.

Classes + Combat


  • Incremental healing and damage from already-applied effects no longer get inadvertently cut off when Alacrity buffs are activated.

Jedi Knight



  • Fixed a dynamic tooltip bug that caused Soresu Form to appear like it reduced ability damage dealt by 20% instead of 10%.


  • Dust Storm now additionally increases Blade Storm damage by 40%.
  • Pacification now increases Force Sweep damage by 75% (up from 65%) and the critical strike chance of Cyclone Slash and Master Strike by 30% (up from 20% and 0%, respectively).
  • Warding Power now additionally increases Warding Strike damage by 15%.
  • Lunge has been redesigned: While Soresu Form is active, Riposte is off the global cooldown and costs 1 less focus.
  • Warding Call now has a subtle, persisting visual appearance while the effect is active on the Guardian.

Sith Warrior



  • Fixed a dynamic tooltip bug that caused Soresu Form to appear like it reduced ability damage dealt by 20% instead of 10%.


  • Quake now additionally increases Force Scream damage by 40%.
  • Heavy Handed now increases Smash damage by 75% (up from 65%) and the critical strike chance of Sweeping Slash and Ravage by 30% (up from 20% and 0%, respectively).
  • Consuming Power now additionally increases Aegis Assault damage by 15%.
  • Lash Out has been redesigned: While Soresu Form is active, Retaliation is off the global cooldown and costs 1 less rage.

Jedi Consular


Kinetic Combat

  • In addition to its previous effects, Double-bladed Saber Tactics now increases the damage dealt by Force Breach by 75% whenever you successfully shield, parry, or deflect an attack. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and does not stack.
  • Changed the name of “Double-bladed Saber Defense” to “Double-bladed Saber Tactics” to better fit the new additions to the skill.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Cascading Debris.
  • Force Break now increases the damage dealt by Force Breach by 30% (up from 15%).


  • Shadow’s Respite now properly gives a 50% Force Bonus after stealth ends.


  • Jedi Consular trainers on Balmorra, Taris, Nar Shadda, and Hoth now properly display Sage abilities.

Sith Inquisitor



  • In addition to its previous effects, Lightning Reflexes now increases the damage dealt by Discharge by 75% whenever you successfully shield, parry, or deflect an attack. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and does not stack.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Depredating Volts.
  • Mounting Darkness now increases the damage dealt by Discharge by 30% (up from 15%).




  • Improved the visual effects for Vital Shot, especially when dual wielding Blaster Pistols.



  • Fixed a bug that caused Sanguinary Shot to deal damage twice.

Imperial Agent



  • Interrogation Probe no longer flies away while the damaging effect remains on a target. Instead, it now fades out when the effect ends.

Flashpoints + Operations

Temple of Sacrifice

  • Players no longer receive “Out of Range” errors when attacking The Underlurker, and the Devastation mechanic now functions more reliably.
  • Malaphar the Savage now only uses Frustrated Howl in appropriate situations.

The Ravagers

  • The Repair Droids present during the Torque encounter now have more health in Story Mode.
  • The damage of Torque’s Floor Vents has been reduced for 16-Player Story Mode.
  • The Shoots Lasers droids now more accurately target and destroy the Repair Droids deployed during the Torque encounter.
  • Being defeated by the Bridge Crew no longer causes Coratanni to fight the Escape Pod.

Dread Palace

  • It is now possible to complete the healing challenge during the Dread Master Raptus encounter on all difficulties.


  • Players now get a warning if they pull the Ancient Threat close to its combat reset range while in combat.
  • Ancient Threat’s Force Whisper and Force Silence now have the correct dispel types in the debuff tooltip.
  • All units of the Lance Squadron on Yavin 4 now have boss immunity.


  • The Demolition Probes during M2-AUX Foreman’s encounter in Hard Mode Depths of Manaan now center the damage radius on the probe instead of the player who triggered the detonation.
  • Commander Jensyn and Darth Soverus can no longer die of mysterious causes after using the Force Unleashed ability during Hard Mode Korriban Incursion.
  • The Imperial/Republic Commanders in Hard Mode Assault on Tython now reset if moved too far from the combat area.

Items + Economy

  • Self-Perpetuating Power Cells have replaced Synthetic Energy Matrix as a crafting material required to craft Dark Projects.
  • Bosses in 16-Player Story Mode Shadow of Revan Operations now drop two MK-2 gear pieces and two set piece Tokens.
  • One of the duplicate M1-4X’s Defense Gear Lockboxes has been renamed to SCORPIO’s Defense Gear Lockbox. The newly named SCORPIO’s Defense Gear Lockbox has had its requirement changed to SCORPIO.
  • The icon for the Rishi reputation item “Raider’s Cove Saber” now looks more like its description.
  • Following items have had their stats corrected:
    • Devoted Allies Force-lord’s Gloves
    • Devoted Allies Force-lord’s System
    • Devoted Allies Assault Focus
    • Devoted Allies Force-lord’s Vestments
    • Devoted Allies Force-lord’s Relay
  • Fixed backside cloth stretching issue on Trooper Massassi, Yavin MK-1, Resurrected, and Rishi Maze MK-2 chest armor.
  • Fixed hair clipping issues with the Yavin MK-1 helmet.
  • The Kurtob Alliance speeder has had its item icon, name, and description fixed, and it now appears correctly in the Stronghold Decorations list.
  • Numerous Shadow of Revan head slot items have had voice modulation added.

Missions + NPCs

  • The Missions “[WEEKLY] The Ravagers” and “[WEEKLY] Temple of Sacrifice” are now shareable.
  • The Republic version of the Mission “[WEEKLY] Tactical Flashpoints” now correctly states that it is for level 60 Flashpoints.
  • It is no longer possible to do the Shadow of Revan arc twice.
  • The GSI Combat Support Droid now correctly exits combat when entering stealth mode during Solo Flashpoints.


  • Huttball Fire Trap damage is no longer mitigated by damage reduction for level 55+ characters, effectively reducing the number of hits required to defeat a player.

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