Flashpoints of SWTOR: Depths of Manaan

Flashpoints of SWTOR: Depths of Manaan

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that invites players to explore the rich and diverse galaxy far, far away. One of the many exciting features in the game is the Flashpoint system, which offers challenging and rewarding group content for players. The Depths of Manaan Flashpoint is a particularly intriguing adventure, taking players to the watery world of Manaan, where they face three formidable bosses: Sairisi, Ortuno, and Stivastin. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of each boss, their abilities, and strategies to defeat them.

Boss 1: Sairisi

Sairisi is the first boss encounter in the Depths of Manaan Flashpoint. This aquatic creature, a mixture of shark and squid, is a fierce opponent with a range of devastating attacks. To defeat Sairisi, players must be aware of these abilities and adapt their tactics accordingly:

  1. Tidal Wave: Sairisi summons a massive wave that knocks back players caught in its path. To avoid being hit, players should watch for visual cues and move out of the affected area.
  2. Ink Spray: The boss releases a cloud of ink that blinds and disorients players. Healers should be prepared to cleanse the debuff, and tanks should position Sairisi so that the rest of the group is not affected by the spray.
  3. Tentacle Lash: Sairisi lashes out with its tentacles, dealing significant damage and stunning the target. Tanks should taunt and hold aggro to minimize the impact on the group.

Boss 2: Ortuno

Ortuno is the second boss in the Depths of Manaan Flashpoint. This Selkath scientist has a range of abilities that can be challenging to navigate, making it essential to understand his attacks and work together as a team:

  1. Kolto Infusion: Ortuno injects himself with a Kolto serum that heals him over time. DPS players should interrupt this ability to prevent the boss from regenerating health.
  2. Toxic Gas: The boss releases toxic gas in the area, dealing damage over time to players standing in it. The group must move out of the affected area and remain aware of their surroundings.
  3. Electric Discharge: Ortuno uses a powerful electrical attack that deals damage to all players within range. Tanks should keep the boss at a distance from the rest of the group to minimize damage.

Boss 3: Stivastin

The final encounter in the Depths of Manaan Flashpoint is against Stivastin, an aquatic droid with advanced combat capabilities. To defeat Stivastin, players need to be aware of its abilities and coordinate their efforts:

  1. Hydro Blast: Stivastin fires a high-pressure stream of water, dealing massive damage to the target. Tanks should be prepared to use their defensive cooldowns to mitigate the damage.
  2. Aquatic Mines: The boss deploys aquatic mines that detonate when a player comes into contact with them. Players must avoid the mines and focus on damaging the boss.
  3. Water Prison: Stivastin encases a player in a watery prison, incapacitating them and dealing damage over time. The trapped player must be freed by destroying the prison.


The Depths of Manaan Flashpoint offers an engaging and challenging experience for players of Star Wars: The Old Republic. By understanding the abilities and strategies for each boss – Sairisi, Ortuno, and Stivastin – players can successfully navigate this underwater adventure and emerge victorious. With teamwork, communication, and adaptability, the Depths of Man.


What is the recommended gear level for Depths of Manaan?

It is recommended to have a gear level of 186 or higher when attempting the Depths of Manaan Flashpoint. This ensures that your team has adequate stats to handle the encounters and sustain the incoming damage from enemies effectively.

How do I deal with the Seeker Probe in the first boss fight against Sairisi?

During the fight against Sairisi, players need to prioritize destroying the Seeker Probe when it appears. The probe deals significant damage and can disrupt the team’s positioning. Assign a DPS player to focus on the probe and eliminate it quickly to reduce the overall damage your team takes.

What strategy should be used to defeat Ortuno in Depths of Manaan?

To defeat Ortuno, players should be prepared to interrupt his abilities, especially his high-damage attacks. Position your team to spread out and avoid standing in front of Ortuno to minimize the damage from his cone attacks. Utilize defensive cooldowns during his enraged phases to mitigate incoming damage and ensure the healer is ready to provide extra healing support.

How do I avoid the Poison Cloud from Stivastin in Depths of Manaan?

Avoiding the Poison Cloud from Stivastin requires players to stay mobile and pay attention to the boss’s movements. When Stivastin prepares to release the Poison Cloud, move away from his position and avoid the affected area. Using movement speed abilities or buffs can help players quickly reposition out of danger.

What is the best approach for handling the final boss, the Enhanced Selkath in this Flashpoint?

The final boss, the Enhanced Selkath, involves multiple mechanics that require coordination and quick reactions. Players should focus on interrupting the boss’s key abilities and avoid standing in any harmful ground effects. Designate players to handle the adds that spawn during the fight and use defensive cooldowns during high-damage phases. Communication and teamwork are essential to manage the boss’s mechanics effectively.

How do I manage the Electrical Surge from the Selkath Hybrid in Depths of Manaan?

To manage the Electrical Surge from the Selkath Hybrid, players need to spread out to reduce the impact of the AoE damage. Watch for visual cues and cast bars indicating the surge is about to happen, and move out of the targeted area promptly. Healers should be prepared to heal through the damage, and players can use defensive abilities to mitigate the effects.

What are the key loot rewards from the Depths of Manaan Flashpoint?

The Depths of Manaan Flashpoint offers valuable gear upgrades and unique items. Key loot rewards include high-level armor pieces, weapons, and potentially rare mounts or pets. Completing this Flashpoint can significantly enhance your character’s gear and provide rare collectibles.

What is the significance of the story in Depths of Manaan?

The story in Depths of Manaan explores the underwater world of Manaan, home to the Selkath species. Players uncover a conspiracy involving the Selkath and their advanced technology, which threatens the stability of the region. This Flashpoint adds depth to the lore and provides insight into the ongoing conflict in SWTOR, offering a compelling narrative that ties into the larger storyline.

How do I handle the adds that spawn during the boss fights in Depths of Manaan?

Handling adds during boss fights in Depths of Manaan requires coordination and prioritization. Assign specific DPS players to focus on the adds and eliminate them quickly to prevent them from overwhelming the team. Utilize crowd control abilities to manage the adds and ensure that the healer is aware of the additional damage being dealt to the group.

Are there any special achievements associated with Depths of Manaan?

Yes, Depths of Manaan features several achievements that players can earn by completing specific objectives within the Flashpoint. These achievements may include defeating bosses within a certain time frame, avoiding particular mechanics, or completing the Flashpoint without any team member being defeated. Check your achievements tab in the game for a complete list and details on how to earn them.