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Swtor-mined: PTS Latest Build Dump | 10/8/2013

SWTOR_Miner is active again with a new data-dump of the lats Public Test Server game patch.  It looks like, zero nerfes in this patch to Rage dmg. Snipers can be charged on while in cover, but not while Entrenched. Zero changes to Bounty Hunter classes except the little pruge change.  I also  see Smash Juggs getting immunity to slows while using Enrage as being the most notable balance change included. I hope they add more changes then this because this will not change much. The data mind info also contains some new in-game posters advertising the upcoming expansion  “Galactic Starfighter” Serve our Empire Destroy our Enemies Starfighter Pilots  the Empire Needs You Protect the Republic Become a Starfighter Pilot Fly With the Best Sign Up Now Below are the complete data-dump: I’m going to be switching up the format from the normal text to xml. The reason being that it’s about 1000x easier to compare xml elements…

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Want to Playtest Game Update 1.3?

Are you interested in what’s coming to SWTOR in game update 1.3? Your chance to playtest the new features to the game are coming up soon and BioWare is asking for testers. put out this call for testers: Game Update 1.3 is almost ready for deployment onto the Public Test Server. We still need to finalize a few things, but we wanted to let you know that the Public Test Server will be coming down soon so that we can prep Game Update 1.3 for PTS deployment. You can expect the Public Test Server to come back up with Game Update 1.3 in the next few weeks. They said that 1.3 will be focused around the Group Finder function that helps you get other players to group up with for Flashpoints and Operations more easily. There will also be more updates and content added to the Legacy System. For…

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