Knights of the Old Republic: Shadows of Corruption

Here at SWTORStrategies, we love fan-made movies, and today we can share a particularly fine Star Wars related offering from ridiculously talented young film-maker Seaich, who has made a Knights of the Old Republic film called Shadows of Corruption and blown my space boots off in the process.
The guy’s younger than 20. How can this be fair? I’m pushing 30 and I’ve never so much as made a cartoon. Not that I’m particularly bothered – it’s far more appealing to hide behind a computer screen and sarcastically comment on other people’s work instead.
Anyway, here’s the film:

And here’s the official synopsis from the film-maker himself:

Darth Revan continues his rule of tyranny in the galaxy. Conquering system after system the Sith Lord comes across the discovery of an ancient Sith artifact. He swiftly aims his resources to recover it in hopes to gain the advantage in the ever growing war. Republic intelligence catches wind of the artifacts existence and head to the planet Syres to try and recover it.

Now tell me you don’t want to see this made into a feature…

Incidentally, the video is a finalist in the 2011 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge (and rightly so in my humble opinion), and you can vote for it to win here, as well as checking out the other finalists.