A Warning from the Dread Masters


The Dread Masters posted a warning to all players on the official forums yesterday. Personally  Love it! Whoever decided to ramp up the amount of RP juiced prepatch content is brilliant!  And props to the “Dread Masters” for even replying to the whiny, troll posts!

Styrak may have fallen, but your victory is an empty one. We are the Dread Masters. We are your nightmares incarnate. No longer contained by the Empire or the Republic, we will terrorize the galaxy as we please. It is futile to resist.

You have a choice – become one of us or be swept aside. But the magnitude of our power is more than most can bear. You must tell us why you are worthy of us.

Choose your words wisely. We will be watching.

One of the posts that really court my eye was this one:

War and death will claim you even in your most cherished sanctuaries.
Oceans of despair will engulf the rot in your cores.
The horror and doubt you bury in your past will grasp forth, and rend your worlds asunder.

Oceans? Manaan? Mon Cal? It would have to be Manaan. Ocean seems to imply it would be a water world or near an ocean. The kicker is the word core. Dac (The Mon Calamarian home world) is located in the Outer Rim, while Manaan is located in the Inner Rim Territories. Also according to the wiki the Empire did attack Manaan at some point.