BioWare Dev blog by William Wallace : Legacy Perks in Game Update 1.3

Senior Game Designer William Wallace posted a developer blog post regarding Legacy Perks in Game Update 1.3.  Basically he breaks down own the Character Perks into four types of unlocks including Advancement Perks, Travel Perks, Companion Perks and Convenience Perks

Hi, I’m Senior Game Designer William Wallace. In Game Update 1.2, we introduced Legacy Unlocks, a system in which characters across your Legacy could unlock special rewards for reaching different milestones. Since Game Update 1.2 went live, your Smuggler may have learned a new skill from their Sith Inquisitor father, or you might have unlocked new species options for your classes. No matter your personal choices, you have now started to build your very own Star Wars™ legacy.

With Game Update 1.3, we are continuing to expand the Legacy system by introducing the new Character Perks system. Character Perks allow you to customize each character in your Legacy, allowing you to modify how you level them with modifiers to increase the experience you gain from Flashpoints or Space Missions. Character Perks will also grant your Legacy character new conveniences that are useful both during leveling and once you’ve reached level 50.

Character Perks differ from Legacy Unlocks in a couple of different ways. The most obvious difference is that while Legacy Unlocks apply to all characters in your Legacy, Character Perks only apply to a single character, allowing you to customize that particular character. Also, while most Global Unlocks can be earned through normal play or can alternately be purchased for credits, Character Perks can only be purchased using in-game credits. As Character Perks apply only to a single character, their credit costs are significantly lower than most Global Unlocks. Some Character Perks are also restricted by Legacy level and character level in addition to having a credit cost.

Let’s take a look at the types of Perks we’re adding for Game Update 1.3!

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