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Star Wars: The Old Republic Official Podcast Episode Two

The official podcast for Star Wars: The old republic is now live! This time the hosts Eric Musco and Brooks Guthrie interviews Jesse Sky, George Smith and William Wallace. about Flashpoints, Operations and other future content along with game update 1.3. Hte podcast also includes discussion on future content coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic, such as upcoming Nightmare Mode for Explosive Conflict and the future Operation Terror from Beyond You can listen to the full 25 min podcast here, along with the full transcript of the discussion.  Posted by: Eric Musco Hello everyone! My name is Eric Musco and I, along with Brooks Guthrie are happy to bring you episode two of the official Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ podcast, “Nightmare Mode”. You can listen by using the embedded player, by downloading and listening on your preferred MP3 player, by subscribing and listening on iTunes or check it out on…

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BioWare Dev blog by William Wallace : Legacy Perks in Game Update 1.3

Senior Game Designer William Wallace posted a developer blog post regarding Legacy Perks in Game Update 1.3.  Basically he breaks down own the Character Perks into four types of unlocks including Advancement Perks, Travel Perks, Companion Perks and Convenience Perks Legacy Perks in Game Update 1.3 Hi, I’m Senior Game Designer William Wallace. In Game Update 1.2, we introduced Legacy Unlocks, a system in which characters across your Legacy could unlock special rewards for reaching different milestones. Since Game Update 1.2 went live, your Smuggler may have learned a new skill from their Sith Inquisitor father, or you might have unlocked new species options for your classes. No matter your personal choices, you have now started to build your very own Star Wars™ legacy. With Game Update 1.3, we are continuing to expand the Legacy system by introducing the new Character Perks system. Character Perks allow you to customize each character in your Legacy,…

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Friday Update: Companion Character Dev Blog

In todays second Friday update Senior Game Designer William Wallace has written a blog entry that delves into the  subject of companion AI and how it will affect the group dynamic. In particular he touches on the ability of the various companions to fill the role of a player character during more challenging quests. Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ features a large amount of group content, including Heroic Quests (challenging quests requiring 2 or 4 players to complete) and Flashpoints (highly engaging instanced story content for groups of 4 players). One benefit we’re seeing from our new, fully featured companions is additional flexibility about how players approach group content. A full group in The Old Republic always has four players. Any player leaving the group can be substituted by a companion of the group’s choice, with the party leader in control of which player gets to use their companion.

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