BioWare Austin is Looking for Local Testers

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One thing I love about living in/near Austin is the opportunities like this that come up. Once again, as happens often from time to time, Bioware has put out an ad that they are looking for local testers. I’ve also seen these ads before in comic shops, in the paper, on their website and of course, online job boards. I’ve yet to do one of them because I have a full time job of my own but I have some friends who have done it and it can be a lot of fun if you love the game.

The ad says Bioware is hiring temporary testers local to Austin to help with testing a new PvP experience coming to SWTOR.

TORWars also got wind of the story thanks to a reader tip. They pointed out an interesting fact- the date of the testing is October 5th. This testing could be for their Super Secret Space Project?

Here’s the ad for local testers:


BioWare Austin is hiring temporary usability testers for exciting new PvP experiences coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic. The following types of players are highly encouraged to apply:

NOTE: These are onsite contract/temporary positions; relocation assistance will not be provided. Austin local only.

Upcoming test date: October 5th


• Must be 18 years of age or older

• Must not have previous professional game development experience

• Strong English and verbal communication skills

• Comfortable giving objective feedback (positive and negative) in a large group

• Passion for SWTOR or other massively-multiplayer online games

• Potential to work weekends

Pretty interesting, no matter what the testing is about so if you’re in the Austin area, you may want to check it out. You have to be local because they do require you to come in the studio and you will have to sign non-disclosure agreements and all that. But it could be a great experience. We’ll keep an out for this and other testing opportunities.

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