BioWare Austin is Hiring!

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You know we like to keep you updated on BioWare news and since I live here in Austin, I’ve written a few times about when the company is hiring, or when they are taking on beta testers in the area. I’ve had the great fortune of visiting BioWare’s Austin studio and also meeting many staff members and I gotta say, they are a fun group and it looks like a great, friendly place to work.

So with that in mind, we bring you the news that BioWare Austin is now hiring certain positions. If you’re interested and in the area, or willing to relocate, check it out.

Eric Musco made this post:

Hey everyone!

I am sure I cannot be alone in being a person who wanted to work at BioWare. I was lucky enough to land a job at the company a few years ago. I wanted to pass on, in case you missed it, that we have quite a few job opportunities here at our studio in Austin!

You can see all of our job listings here:

There are a few jobs we are definitely looking at aggressively filling:

-Client Software Engineer -Tools Software Engineer

If you are interested in applying, feel free to do so right through the site. Thanks everyone and good luck.


Even if you’re not interested in (or experienced for) these jobs, the fact that they are hiring is a good sign that the game is doing well, despite what some haters may have to say about it. So all in all, it’s good to see this.

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