The Super Secret Space Project is revealed… or at least teased!

swtor spacve pvp

During the Seattle Community Cantina last night, BioWare reveal what looks like the “Super Secret Space Project”. Not much is known about it yet, but it looks like  mouse based star fighter combat! Not on rails!

It’s been hinted at for ages at events and on the forums. Devs had said they’d like to see proper PvP ship combat off rails and guild capital ships at some point. Bioware only referred to the project as the Super Secret Space Project (hence the title of this post).

We knew it was in the works. The question is when, and what are all the details. But it is nice to see this might be sooner than later now. Swtor_miner have been sitting on some mined info for a while. Here is what he thinks it is from his mining:

  • It’s freeflight.
  • You get a choice of 3 fighter varieties for PvP: Heavy, Medium, Light. Maybe a few more for PvE, Including bombers.
  • Each fighter/bomber has a different role and damage capabilities.
  • There might be both a PvP and PvE aspects to this. There is definitely PvP.

Here’s a raw GOM output of everything tagged space_combat.freeflight or space_combat/pvp

Check out the video below: