The Guild Sphere: The Greek Lords

Normally I think of beautiful sunny islands when someone mentions Greece. Other people will properly think about the huge economic crises the country is going through. But today we will be talking SWTOR, as the Greek sith guild “The Greek Lords” took the time to answer our questions.

Where did your guilds name come from?
From our country and and because we are on the empire side

Can you give me a quick 2-3 sentance description of your guild?
Our guild is a interested on PvP , Operations , flashpoints on questing and helping each other on crafting so we can get usfull items a lot quicker. Plus when we get about 88 members we will make a schedule on how we will help each other on craftin by meanig that each member will use on of hes companions for online on crafting and helping the guild . We ar developing and our guild web (for more info on the crafting schedule sent my a private message on my swtor account )

How did your guild come about?
it would be more easy for my and me teammates to develop crafting and operation,flashpoints and PvP battles.

What kind of play style do you focus on? PvE, PvP, RP:
PvP most we are not interested o the rest for the minute but on game launch this may change

How serious do you play and/or run the guild?
Very serious because if the leader isn’t serious the rest members they will do selfish things by mine opinion

Do you have ranks or a certain hierarchy in your guild?
Yes we do but for the minute we dont have but we will have on the guild web the reason that we have is for the members to make them more in to game

Why did you choose the Republic / the sith empire?
The big reason is that i find the empire more cool

Why do you run a guild?
First i don’t run it my self the other 2 members are leaders as swell . the reason that we run it and we don’t join because on some guilds we joined there was not democratic it was what the leader said

How do you approach Raid Planning?
Depends for each raid we will have different strategies . 1 thing will be the same allways that we will have 2/4 DPS players , 1/4 Healers players and 1/4 Tanks or some times 1/4 DPS, 1/4 Healers and 2/4 Tanks

Are you always open for new recruits or do you want to keep a certain guild size?
Under 32 but if more than 48 we will split the guild to 3 guild and become allies . and if between we will stay 1 guild

Age Requirement?
12+ if 12- he will have to pass a test that he will be given be him 1 from the 3 leaders

Guild size?
Hopefully many

What makes your guild stand out from everyone else? What makes your guild unique?
that we will do scheduled do flashpoint operation and PvP that all members most communicate each other we will make 4 man squads that we strategies and that we help each other what the cost

How do you spend your time until release? Do you know each other in real life or do you spend a lot of time on forums?
on forum bassicly the only member i now in real person jabba sett

What Other Games are you currently playing as a guild?

If somebody is interested now how and where can they apply for membership?
On our swtor guild page plus when our web is ready on our guild web

One last question, if there was one thing you could ask the Dev’s to include, what would it be?
whould it be able to change our side from the empire to republic our the oppesite