E3 SWTOR Previews/Impressions

As E3 continues and more hands-on demos and reports go around, we find out more and more about the game we are all so eager to play for ourselves. Here are three very different impressions from the E3 hands-on experience worth checking out:
PC Gamer
Tim Edwards from PC Gamer jumps in with his own first impressions of the game. I love the PC Gamer guys. I have them on my Steam account and play on their servers when they have fun events. I was curious what they would have to say about SW:TOR.
This preview begins:
Thank you PC Gamer, tell us more! They go on to give us info about raids in TOR and include info about the user interface, an in-game codex that should help you join the dots on missions, and an instanced boss fight on Alderaan.
This is a must-read to learn more about the game.
IGN covers SWTOR impressions from E3 as well. A self-professed non-MMO fan described how SW:TOR may just change that.
“The Old Republic may just be the MMO that converts the MMO haters.” Says the IGN writer and I tend to agree. In this preview, we see all the reasons why this will be the MMO to top all MMOs and to bring in the gamers who don’t usually enjoy the typical MMO.
The folks at G4TV go for a controversial approach with Jeffrey Matulef’s not-so-flattering opinion piece on the game. What more can you expect when the first line reads, “Apologies to BioWare fanboys, but I have to admit that I was skeptical of a Star Wars MMO.”
Despite the hater comments from the “fanboys”, Matulef’s preview is not all bad. He says, “They even turned the impressive trick of making non-trilogy Star Wars cool again with Knights of The Old Republic in 2003. So if anyone can make this tenuous concept work, it’s BioWare.”
This preview is more opinion-based, however, and doesn’t really tell us anything we don’t already know about the game. It never hurts to see a variety of opinions though, so it’s worth the read.